Which Slasher Film Villain Are You?

Think you've got villain potential? It's time to find out which slasher film villain you're really most like! Ready for the results? Start the quiz!

Question 1/10

What do you need to escape from?
This mental hospital.
My own emotional prison.
My crazy family.
My 9 to 5 job.
Societal expectations.

Question 2/10

What's your relationship with your mom like?
She's my best friend, we do everything together!
It's strained, we barely talk.
It's okay, but she's a tad controlling.

Question 3/10

What brings you the most satisfaction?
Scaring people
Winning an argument
Getting away with a crime
Getting out of work early

Question 4/10

Pick a color:

Question 5/10

Choose a weapon:
My intellect
A big kitchen knife
An axe
My mother
A gun

Question 6/10

What are your greatest vulnerabilities?
I'm not very smart.
I rely on my mother for everything.
I'm a bit slow moving.
I'm a heavy breather.
I have a bit of a conscience.

Question 7/10

What are your thoughts on masks?
Overrated, too hard to breathe.
They're the perfect accessory.
No opinion.

Question 8/10

Do children like you?
Come to think of it, not really.
Yes, they love me.
I'm not sure, I can't get very close to them.

Question 9/10

What's your greatest fear?
Opening up to others
Losing my mother
Not getting what I want
Getting sent back to the asylum

Question 10/10

Do people take you seriously?
The slasher film villain that you're most like is Norman Bates! Okay, so you have more than a few mother issues. That's nothing that can't be resolved. Simply put, you won't do anything without your dear Mom's permission. Even if it's just living your own life!

Norman Bates

The slasher film villain that you're most like is Michael Myers! Okay, so you've got more than few skeletons in your closet. You may have even spent time in an asylum or two. It's safe to say, you've got more than a few screws loose!

Michael Myers

The slasher film villain that you're most like is Jason Vorhees! For some reason, you just can't shake your personal vendetta against kids and summer camps. If you can spoil the fun or invoke a little fear, you're going to do so! Remember, jealously doesn't look good on anyone.

Jason Vorhees

The slasher film villain that you're most like is Jack Torrance! You're a pretty complicated person, one that others can't really put a finger on. Though you can be kind of charming, you also have the ability to change in a flash. No one really knows quite who you are, but you definitely emit some vibes of danger!

Jack Torrance

The slasher film villain that you're most like is Hannibal Lecter! You're cunning, intelligent, and downright frightening. Sometimes you say things that just send a shiver down the spines of others. As a very complex soul, no one really knows what to expect from you!

Hannibal Lecter