Which Quote Should Be Your Parenting Philosophy?

Parenting isn't easy, but having a philosophy can make all the difference! Do you know which quote should be your parenting philosophy? Take these 10 personality quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10

How many children do you have?
Just one
Two or three
Four or five
Six or more

Question 2/10

What's the most important quality for your child to have?
Sense of humor

Question 3/10

What's your best quality?
I'm patient
I'm understanding
I'm honest
I'm quick on my feet
I'm structured

Question 4/10

How do you participate in your child's sporting activities?
I go along and support them
I volunteer to help the team
I take on part of the coaching duties
I'm not really hands on in their activities
My kids aren't involved in sports

Question 5/10

Have you ever vetted your child's friends?
Of course, it's the only way to ensure they're hanging with a good crowd!
Somewhat, I want to make sure they're good kids.
Not at all, I give my child space.

Question 6/10

What activity are you most likely to try with your little one?
Reading a book aloud
Making slime or goo
Working on a fun craft project
Playing dress up
Running around at the park

Question 7/10

Will your children have a job when they reach their teen years?
No way
I'm not sure

Question 8/10

How would other parents describe you?
As hands on
As warm
As lax
As strict
As a free spirit

Question 9/10

What are you feeding your kids in a hurry?
Chicken nuggets
Grilled cheese
Bagel and peanut butter
Fast food

Question 10/10

How would you react if your child asked for a pet?
Every kid needs a pet!
I'd say no, they're not responsible enough!
I'd consider it.
The quote that should be your parenting philosophy is, “There is no such thing as a perfect parent. So just be a real one.” At the end of the day, no one is perfect, despite our best efforts. All you can really do for your child is be real, open, honest and available. You've always been best at keeping it real!

“There Is No Such Thing As A Perfect Parent. So Just Be A Real One.”

The quote that should be your parenting philosophy is, "Children spell love… T-I-M-E.” You can buy your children gifts, shower them in compliments, and even bribe them with sweets, but at the end of the day all they really want is your time. Luckily, you've always been good at spending quality time with your little ones!

“Children Spell Love… T-I-M-E.”

The quote that should be your parenting philosophy is, "Allow children to be happy in their own way." It's easy to want to steer a child in the direction you want them to go, but at the end of the day, all you can really do is allow your child to be happy in their own unique way. Happy kids make for a happy life! Keep on doing you!

“Allow Children To Be Happy In Their Own Way."

The quote that should be your parenting philosophy is, "Treat a child as though he already is the person he’s capable of becoming." Kids may be kids, but if you treat a child as if he's the person he's capable of becoming, he'll know just how far he can go! Kudos to you for being a beam of positivity in your child's life!

“Treat A Child As Though He Already Is The Person He’s Capable Of Becoming.

The quote that should be your parenting philosophy is, "I think it’s necessary to let kids get bored once in a while." A bored kid might make for an agitated parent, but it can also lend itself to creativity and imagination. You've always been one to challenge your children to do more, be more, and create more. Go you!

“I Think It’s Necessary To Let Kids Get Bored Once In A While."