Which Profession Would You Pick If You Had A Second Chance?

If you had a second chance to pursue a whole new profession, which profession would you choose? Take these 10 questions and find out which profession you are destined to pursue!

Question 1/10

How comfortable are you with new technology?
I love new tech (I'm kind of a big nerd!)
I'm pretty comfortable with it
I try to stay away from technology at all costs
It can be intimidating but useful
Tech makes life easier

Question 2/10

You have a significant decision to make. Which option do you choose?
High risk, high reward
Play it safe
I recognize all risks and then figure out what's best
I make a flash decision and hope for the best

Question 3/10

How do you feel about being in front of a large group of people?
That sounds terrifying
I think it'd be a lot of fun
I'd prefer to stay in the background
It depends on what I'm doing

Question 4/10

You need to unwind and de-stress. Where do you go?
To my haven (aka: my room)
To a nice quiet spot outside
The gym or yoga
For a long drive on some back roads
To a friends house

Question 5/10

How comfortable are you with your body?
Extremely comfortable
Somewhat comfortable
A bit uncomfortable

Question 6/10

What does your typical diet look like?
I try to eat clean healthy foods
It's a bit of a travesty
I eat a good balance of foods

Question 7/10

Do you like to be the center of attention?
Not really
As often as possible
Only if I've been drinking

Question 8/10

Imagine you're back in high school. Which class are you looking forward to the most?
Home Economics

Question 9/10

Would you rather have a job that pays really well or one you truly enjoy?
One that pays well
One I actually enjoy
Why can't I have it all?

Question 10/10

How active is your lifestyle?
Very active
Somewhat active
Not active at all
If you had a second chance, you would choose to be a nurse practitioner! A nurse practitioner is an advanced practice registered nurse who provides care to patients throughout the lifespan. With your compassionate caring nature and love of science, we believe this would be the perfect second career for you!

Nurse Practitioner

If you had a second chance, you would become a software developer. Software developers are concerned with every facet of software development including research, design, programming, and testing software. Given your love of computers, knack for technology, and sense of innovation, we believe this would be the perfect second career for you!

Software Developer

If you could choose a second career, you would be an architect! An architect designs, plans, and oversees the construction of buildings from beginning to end. With your love of planning, problem solving, and building; we think architecture would be the perfect second job.


If you could choose a second career, you would be a stylist! A stylist is a person whose job is to arrange and coordinate clothing in a stylish and attractive way for clients and films. Given your love of creativity, art, and fashion, we think being a stylist could be your perfect second career.


If you could choose a second profession, you would be a massage therapist! Massage therapy is the manipulation of a person's body tissues to increase their health and well being. Given your love of interacting with others, holistic healing practices, and spirituality, we believe this could be the perfect job for you!

Massage Therapist

If you could choose a second job, you would be a teacher! A teacher not only guides and helps students to be their very best, but they also mentor students in other areas of life. Given your wisdom, love of helping others, and your patience this would be a perfect second career for you.