Which Part Of The US Suits You?

America is a great big land full of regional differences. Do you know which regional part of the US actually suits you the best? It may be the part you're not even living in! Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10

What does your ideal neighborhood look like?
It's very suburban
It's in a bustling city
It's quiet and pretty secluded
I'd prefer to not have neighbors

Question 2/10

What's the best part of living in a big city?
Lots of variety and entertainment
Lots of job opportunities
Public transportation
No shortage of food variety
There's nothing I like about cities

Question 3/10

What's the worst part of living in urban environments?
You never know your neighbors
The lack of nature/open spaces
The hustle and bustle
The pace
There's nothing bad about living in cities

Question 4/10

When it comes to food, what's more important?
Lots of variety and options
That it's local or organic
That it tastes good
All of these things are important

Question 5/10

What is your attitude like most days?
I'm typically very friendly and positive
I can be a bit reserved but warm up quickly
I'm the type to judge a book by its cover
I'm very laid back and easy going
I can be a bit eccentric

Question 6/10

What industry would you most like to work in?

Question 7/10

What kind of natural environment do you enjoy most?
An urban park environment
Sweeping forests
Beaches and coastal cliffs
Rolling hills and mountains
Flat wheat fields and plains

Question 8/10

What level of tourism do you like in your hometown?
A fair amount of tourists for the local businesses
Year round tourists
A few tourists here and there
I'd prefer zero tourists

Question 9/10

What's your favorite summer activity?
Going to the beach
Amusement parks
State fairs
Music festivals
Farmer's markets

Question 10/10

What level of traffic are you willing to endure each day?
Zero traffic I have no tolerance for traffic
Slow but at least moving
Bumper to bumper
The region of the us that suits you best is the southeast! You're a family oriented individual who places a high value on tradition. Not only do you have a tendency to take life at a slower pace, but you truly possess a “people first” mentality.

The Southeast

The region of the us that suits you best is the Midwest! You're a highly compassionate individual who places a high emphasis on family, morality, and life's simple pleasures. You know it's not the size of your bank account but the size of your heart that matters!

The Midwest

The region of the us that suits you best is the northeast! You're a very driven and ambitious person who is always on the go. The idea of relaxing for you is often browsing the web, shopping, or getting drinks!

The Northeast

The region of the us that suits you best is the west coast! You're a fun loving and bubbly person who just wants to have a good time You know that life is short and that being healthy and experiencing new things is highly important!

The West Coast

The region of the us that suits you best is the northwest! The most important thing in life to you is creativity. You feel inspired to create, innovate, inspire, and connect whenever possible. Friendship is very important to you. You also place a high value on natural and organic foods.

The Northwest