Which One-Hit-Wonder Are You?

They may be one hit wonders, but there's nothing forgettable about these songs! Do you know which one hit wonder you are? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10

Which 1990's toy is your favorite?
Pretty Pretty Princess
Skip It

Question 2/10

Did you have a lot of boyfriends or girlfriends growing up?
Too may to count
I had a handful
I had one or two

Question 3/10

Where can you be found on a Friday night?
At home cuddled up with my TV remote
Out at the bar with friends
Dancing the night away
Catching a film

Question 4/10

Which of these bad haircuts did you rock?
The mullet
The perm
The teased bangs
The bowl cut

Question 5/10

Which 80's pattern are you?
Geometric shapes
Horizontal stripes
Polka dots
Zig zags

Question 6/10

If you were a singer, what would you sing about?
Love and heartache
Partying all the time
My woes
Life in general

Question 7/10

Which romantic comedy best reflects your life?
My Best Friend's Wedding
When Harry Met Sally
Sleepless In Seattle
How To Lose A Guy in Ten Days

Question 8/10

If you get knocked down, what do you do?
I weep openly
I get back up again
I stay down for a bit but then eventually get up

Question 9/10

What's your alcoholic drink of choice?

Question 10/10

What group of kids did you hang out with in high school?
The jocks
The popular kids
The art crowd
The country kids
I hung out with everyone
The one hit wonder that you are most like is "Achey Breaky Heart" by Billy Ray Cyrus! No one is ever going to break your heart without your consent! Not only does this song reflect your no nonsense attitude, but it also represents your sense of fun!

"Achey Breaky Heart" By Billy Ray Cyrus

The one hit wonder that best represents you is "Mickey" by Toni Basil! As a teen, you were totally crazy over having a boyfriend or girlfriend. In fact, you're still a bit of a flirt when it comes to love!

"Mickey" By Toni Basil

The one hit wonder that best suits you is "Come on Eileen" by Dexys Midnight Runners! You've always been a bit quirky with a personality that is totally your own. Not only do you not care what anyone thinks, but you believe judgement of others is a terrible trait.

"Come On Eileen" By Dexys Midnight Runners

The one hit wonder that best suits you is "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice! Let's face it you're cool as a cucumber under pressure and that's the way you like it. It's pretty hard to ruffle your feathers. You're as cool as they come.

"Ice Ice Baby" By Vanilla Ice

The one hit wonder that best suits you is "Take On Me" by A-Ha! Let's face it, if you could go back to the 80's you totally would. So much of your heart still resides in this decade that you could never have any other one hit wonder as your personal song!

"Take On Me" By A-Ha