Which Of These Nostalgic School Lunches Are You?

A school lunch is the ultimate source of nostalgia, the question is which of these nostalgic school lunches are you most like? It's time to take a trip back to your youth with these 10 personality quiz questions!

Question 1/10

What decade were you in elementary school?
The 1960s
The 1970s
The 1980s
The 1990s
The 2000s

Question 2/10

Which appetizer reigns supreme?
Mozzarella sticks
Veggie dip
Chicken wings
Chips and salsa
Mini franks

Question 3/10

It's your first day of school and you tripped walking in the door. How do you react?
I burst into tears
I laugh it off
I pretend it never happend
I run away red faced
I hide in my locker

Question 4/10

What was your favorite Halloween costume growing up?
A mummy
A witch
A superhero
A princess
A ghost

Question 5/10

Which club were you most likely to join?
Drama club
Debate club
Chess club
Student council
I played sports

Question 6/10

How big was your friend group as a kid?
I had one or two good friends
I had three or four good friends
I had five or six good friends
I had a huge group of friends

Question 7/10

Which TV show was most like your teen years?
The Wonder Years
Freaks and Geeks
My So Called Life
Happy Days
Saved by the Bell

Question 8/10

What were you trading lunch items for?
Fruit snacks
Chocolate milk
Juice boxes
cheese sticks

Question 9/10

What's the worst part of being an adult?
Paying bills
Work deadlines
Lack of free time
Cooking dinner

Question 10/10

What was your favorite subject in school?
The classic school lunch that you're most like is the bologna and cheese sandwich! You're as classic and easy going as they come. You prefer the simple things in life, like hanging with family or sitting down to a nice meal. You're easy to please and not quick to anger.

Bologna And Cheese Sandwich

The nostalgic school lunch that you're most like is chicken nuggets and tater tots! You're a warm person who loves to be around others as much as possible. You're helpful, kind, and always looking to do the right thing.

Chicken Nuggets And Tater Tots

The nostalgic school lunch that you're most like is beef macaroni! You're an eccentric person with a deep love of creativity and art. You tend to march to the beat of your own drum and hate to take direction from others!

Beef Macaroni

The nostalgic school lunch that you're most like is rectangular pizza! To those around you, you're like a slice of comfort and ease. With your genial personality, epic sense of humor, and love of socializing, it's no wonder you have so many friends you don't know what to do with them all!

Rectangular Pizza

The nostalgic school lunch that you're most like is fish sticks! In high school, you might have been described as a bit weird or nerdy. Nowadays, you're forging your own path and people couldn't be more impressed with your ingenuity and intelligence.

Fish Sticks