Which Of The Three Types of Friendships Do You And Your BFF Have?

According to ancient philosophers, there are three distinct types of friendship! Do you know what kind of friendship you and your BFF have? Take this simple quiz and find out!

Question 1/10

The last time you hung out with your bestie, what did you two do?
Just hung out and enjoyed eachother's company.
We went to the movies.
I helped fix their computer while they watched.
We got dinner and drinks.

Question 2/10

If your friend was throwing a party, what would you bring?
As much food, snacks, and booze as I could!
A bottle of wine.
Me,myself, and I!

Question 3/10

You just got a killer new promotion. Who are you sharing the news with first?
My best friend obviously
My significant other or mom.
I send out the news ina group chat.

Question 4/10

How often do you talk to your best friend?
Pretty much all day everyday.
Once or twice a day.
A few times a week.
Only when I want to hang out.

Question 5/10

Do you know how your BFF takes their coffee?
Obviously, I know it as well as my own.
No, but I can improvise.
I'll just get them whatever I'm having.

Question 6/10

How long have you and your closest pal been friends?
A decade or more
Several years
A few months

Question 7/10

It's happy hour, who's joining you?
My co-workers.
My BFF obviously.
Whoever is available at the time.

Question 8/10

How might a casual friend describe you?

Question 9/10

Would you ever let your friend date your ex?
No way, they're my ex for a reason!
Only if the breakup was mutual.
Sure, why not?

Question 10/10

What do most of your conversations consist of?
Gossip and giggling.
Lots of deep heart to hearts.
Lots of observational humor.
You and your BFF have a friendship of utility! You have the type of friendship that is more often based on convenience or doing favors than simply enjoying one another's company. For example, if you're good with computers, you might notice that your friend wants to hang out more when they're experiencing a bit of tech trouble. This is a friendship built on mutual favors, utility, and proximity.

A Friendship Of Utility

You and your BFF have a powerful friendship of goodness! Your friendship is built upon mutual respect and admiration. Odds are, you and your BFF have been friends for several years, as this kind of friendship is very powerful and enduring. You and your BFF have the same values, goals, and outlook on life. You attempt to bolster one another up rather than tearing each other down. You always look out for your BFF's best interests and they always look out for yours.

A Friendship Of Goodness

You and your BFF have a friendship of pleasure! You truly enjoy your best friend's company and always want to include them in on fun activities. You love to embark on adventures, chit chat, and simply laugh over a good joke. You're not much for sitting around and just hanging out, but you'll go to a concert, sporting event, or festival together any day of the week.

A Friendship Of Pleasure


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