Which Of The Four Introvert Types Are You?

There are four distinct types of introverts, from the submissive and shy to the reclusive and reserved. Which do you think you are? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10

How do you prefer to celebrate birthdays or other events?
By myself
With a small group of close friends
With a large group of friends
With family
With one or two friends

Question 2/10

How do you feel about forming very close friendships? Are you open to it?
I want more close friendships
I don't need close friendships
I'm not close with anyone but I'd like to be
I prefer to keep people at a distance
I'm not sure

Question 3/10

Do you like to keep a set routine?
Yes definitely
Yes for the most part
No my days are kind of all over the place
Not really

Question 4/10

When it comes to choosing a vacation locale, do you go for somewhere secluded or somewhere bustling?
Very secluded
Somewhat secluded
A mix of both
I like the anonymity of somewhere bustling
I'm not sure

Question 5/10

After spending a few hours in a large group of people, are you anxious to go home and be alone?
I'm incredibly anxious to go home
I'm eager to be alone
I feel drained and tired
No I'm okay

Question 6/10

Do you ever feel lonely or in need of company?
No not really
I'm good company for myself
Who doesn't?

Question 7/10

Do you think it's interesting to listen to the stories of others?
Only if they're my friends
No not really

Question 8/10

How often do you do things by yourself?
Most of the time
When I can

Question 9/10

Do people often misunderstand you or mistake you for uptight?
More often than not
All the time
I think so
No way

Question 10/10

Do you enjoy analyzing your own thoughts?
Yes I love it
No I wish I could escape my thoughts
No I tend to over think
Yes sometimes
I'm not sure
You are a social introvert. You have a strong preference for socializing in small groups rather than large ones. Large gatherings can often leave you feeling drained of energy and anxious. You prefer solitude and quiet time alone over social obligations.

Social Introvert

You are thinking introvert. You are introspective, self aware, and thoughtful. You can quite easily get lost in an internal fantasy world, rather than staying footed in reality. Because of your internal nature, you are quite imaginative and creative. You like to express yourself through writing, as it allows you to create new worlds.

Thinking Introvert

You are an anxious introvert. You often seek solitude out of anxiety and self doubt. You can be quite self critical and feel as if you lack the social skills necessary to attend large gatherings. This type of introversion can often lead you to ruminate or over think situations, rather than letting them go.

Anxious Introvert

You are a restrained introvert. Restrained introverts prefer to think things through before speaking or acting out. They are very much intellectually grounded and prefer to ruminate over situations before springing into action. Impulsiveness is very much against your nature.

Restrained Introvert

You are a mix of every type of introversion. You are a bit shy and a bit restrained. You prefer solitude over social situations and often find yourself stuck in a fantasy world. Some say you're a bit too much of a daydreamer, but we consider you to be imaginative and deep.

A Mix of Introversion