Which Los Angeles Career Would You Have?

Los Angeles is a city of big dreams and niche careers! If you were to make a move to the City of Angels, which career would you have? Could you make it in the industry or are you destined to be a waiter? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10

Do you like the rain?
I hate it with every fiber of my being.
The rain sucks, lets be honest.
I enjoy complaining about rain.
I find rain very relaxing.
Rain is nice sometimes.

Question 2/10

What's the best topping for a piece of toast?
Jam or jelly
Peanut butter
Almond butter
I'm off carbs!

Question 3/10

Everyone complains, but what do you complain about the most?
Other people
Having to work

Question 4/10

What are your weekends all about?
Brunch and bottomless mimosas.
Farmer's markets and friends.
Hiking and being active.
Catching up on work.
Drinking and having a good time.

Question 5/10

Describe your dream home:
Beach bungalow
Sleek and modern
Cozy craftsman
Affordable and safe

Question 6/10

You want to break into the film industry. What's your first move?
Start networking at parties.
Start applying for jobs.
Take an unpaid internship.
Ask around for help.
None of these, I wouldn't want to work in the industry!

Question 7/10

Pick a treat to hand out on Halloween:
Organic fruit snacks
Full sized chocolate bars
Homemade cookies
Candy corn
I don't do Halloween.

Question 8/10

How often do you use the word 'grateful'?
Everyday, I'm so super grateful.
Occasionally, only when I mean it though.
Never, that's not my thing.

Question 9/10

You've hit a rough patch in life. What do you do to turn things around?
Hire a life coach.
Start working out.
See a therapist.
Adopt a dog.
Go on a juice cleanse.

Question 10/10

Are you more into traditional medicine or holistic remedies?
Holistic remedies, modern medicine is killing us!
Traditional medicine, it exists for a reason.
I like a mix of both.
I only use healing crystals.
If you lived in Los Angeles, you would have a career as a film producer! Not only are you a creative soul, but you're an extrovert who always goes after what you want and lives life with passion. When you believe in a project, you'll do anything to turn it into a reality! Though you can be a bit cut throat, you still try to do the right thing whenever possible.

Film Producer

If you lived in Los Angeles, you'd have a career as a yoga instructor! Not only are you very health conscious and into wellness, but you feel very spiritually connected to the universe and your body. You're a fan of smoothies, clearing out your third eye, and talking about how present you truly are!

Yoga Instructor

If you live din Los Angeles, you would have a career as an Instagram influencer. You're a social media superstar who is totally keen on captivating an audience. You always put together the best outfits, stage the most iconic photos, and know how to truly play to your followers. You'd make thousands posing for photos all around town, gaining the attention of millions!

Instagram Influencer

If you lived in Los Angeles, you would be a tattoo artist! You've always prided yourself on being a creative outsider who doesn't play by the rules. You make your own way in life and strive to be resilient and independent. With a great sense of creativity and a true knack for art, you'd find your calling as a tattoo artist in Silverlake! Get ready to do a lot of succulent tattoos.

Tattoo Artist

If you lived in Los Angeles, you would have a career as a life coach! You're a spiritual and new agey person who loves to dive into self help books and practice self care. You love to dole out advice and are always telling your friends exactly what they should or shouldn't do in a given situation. You love to guide others and would kill at as a life coach! Better bust out the Birkenstocks and kimonos now!

Life Coach