Which Latin American City Should You Visit?

Feel like getting a bit adventurous? Nothing says adventure like a trip to Latin America! Which Latin American city should you actually visit next? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10

How much do you love the beach?
There's nothing better than the beach!
I like the beach but it's not my favorite.
I love the beach!

Question 2/10

How much do you like to party?
I'm not really a big partier.
I like to party sometimes.
I love to party!
It depends, what kind of drinks will there be?

Question 3/10

How interested are you in ancient history?
Very interested, it's a passion of mine!
Kind of interested, but also kind of bored by it.
Not interested at all. I live in the present!

Question 4/10

Do you consider yourself to be a very religious person?
Yes, faith is everything to me.
Somewhat, I definitely belive.
Not really, I'm on the fence.
Eh, it depends on the season.

Question 5/10

How good are you at making new friends?
I'm a natural, people are drawn to me.
I'm pretty good at it.
I tend to repel people.
I'm not great at making friends.

Question 6/10

If you hear the word 'adventure,' what do you imagine?
Exploring ancient ruins
Trying new foods
Drinking without eating

Question 7/10

What sounds like the most fun?
Watching a butterfly migration
Hiking through rainforest
Horseback riding
Food tour
White water rafting

Question 8/10

When getting ready to go on vacation, which of the following items would you never forget to pack?
Hangover remedies
A GoPro
My portable charger
Comfortable shoes
Bug spray

Question 9/10

Your ideal vacation involves lots of....
Meeting new people

Question 10/10

When you travel, you like to go with...
My best friends.
My parents.
My spouse.
My whole family.
Just myself.
You should visit the vivacious city of Rio De Janeiro! Vivacious, lively, outgoing, and adventurous. You live to socialize, try new things, and live far outside of your comfort zone. When you travel, you want to feel immersed in a culture that's as energetic and full of zest as you are!

Rio De Janeiro

You should visit the city of Buenos Aries! You're an old soul who values romance, passion, and living life without limit. You live for a great meal, a night of dancing, or simply people watching while sipping on some cappuccino. This city, would bring you to life in a way that few others really could!

Buenos Aries

You should visit the city of Santiago! You're the type of person who values tradition and a more humble way of doing things. While you love to meet new people, you aren't afraid to spend time on your own just immersing in your own thoughts. You love history and believe that the best part of travel is immersing yourself in a totally different culture!


You should visit Lima! You're a beach lover who lives for golden sunsets, seaside cocktails, and a bit of romance. You see the world through rose-colored glasses, always seeing the bright side and embracing each new day fully. This city would truly bring you to life!


You should visit Cusco! You're a history buff who is truly fascinated by the past. You would love to explore old ruins, delve into history, and embrace a culture far different than your own. In a past life, you were likely an adventurer or explorer. The type of person who never fears the unknown!