Which Kind Of Grandchild Are You?

You might think all grandchildren are one in the same. Quite the contrary! According to science there are five specific types of grandchildren. Which one are you? Are you the kind of grandchild every grandparent dreams of? Let's find out! You may not be the type of grandchild you think you are...

Question 1/10

How many times a week do you speak to one of your grandparents on the phone?
Once a week
Twice a week
Three times a week
Four times a week
Zero times a week

Question 2/10

Do you live far from your grandparents?
Yes, very far.
Kind of far, but it's not too bad.
I live right down the street.
I live with my grandparents.

Question 3/10

Your Grandma needs a ride to her doctor's appointment, but you already have plans with friends. What do you do?
Cancel my plans, Grandma comes first.
Push back my plans and hope the appointment goes fast.
Tell Grandma I can't take her.
Call around and find someone else to take Grandma.

Question 4/10

It's your birthday. What kind of gift are you most likely to receive from your grandparents?
Something expensive, like jewelry.
Something sentimental.
Cookies or something homemade.
A $20 bill in a card.
A gift card to my favorite restaurant.

Question 5/10

What's your favorite thing to do with your grandparents?
Cook or bake.
Watch TV.
Listen to their stories.
Go shopping.
Go out to eat.

Question 6/10

Sometimes grandparents need a bit of help. What are you willing to do for them?
Mow the lawn.
Take care of their animals.
Take them grocery shopping.
Clean their house.
Hire them some help.

Question 7/10

As a kid, grandma and grandpa were always _______ strict than your parents.
Neither one.

Question 8/10

Would you say your grandparents spoiled you while growing up?
Most definitely, I got whatever I wanted.
Every now and then.
Nope, not at all.

Question 9/10

What do you most hope to inherit from your grandparents one day?
Their money.
Their work ethic.
Their wisdom.
Their humor.
Their house.

Question 10/10

What's your favorite part of visiting grandma/grandpa?
The food.
The stories.
The smells.
The hugs.
The laughs.
You're the spoiled rotten grandchild! Okay, so you love your grandma and grandpa dearly. But, you mostly love all of the amazing stuff they've given you over the years. You expect the best from your grandparents, especially when it comes to gifts!

The Spoiled Rotten Grandchild

You're the caretaker grandchild! You're the one who stepped up as soon as you knew your grandparents needed a bit of help. You take care of your grandma and grandpa by running them to appointments, helping them out around the house and making sure they know just how much you love them!

The Caretaker Grandchild

You're the respectful grandchild! You're the type of grandchild who truly respects their elders and sees your grandparents as a source of wisdom and experience. You love to ask your grandparents for advice and always value their nuggets of wisdom!

The Respectful Grandchild

You're the absent grandchild! You don't really think about your grandparents very often and really only see them on holidays. You don't call them and you certainly don't drive out to see them without a distinct reason. Somewhere along the way, you just lost touch with your grandparents!

The Absent Grandchild

You're the traditional grandchild! You always see your grandparents on holidays and birthdays. You get cards in the mail stuffed with a check and only call them when you have a reason. While you love your grandparents dearly, you're often busy doing your own thing and living your own life.

The Traditional Grandchild