Which Internet Habit Do You Need To Break?

In a digital world, we're almost always online or doing something involve the internet. Is there an internet habit that you need to break? Are you obsessively checking Facebook? Perhaps, you're Googling a bit too much. Let's find out!

Question 1/10

If we opened the gallery on your phone, what would we find the MOST pictures of?
Me, myself, and I.
Food I've eaten.
Landscapes and nature.
My dog or cat.
Random celebrities.

Question 2/10

What do you Google the most?
Places to eat.
Things to do.
Other people.
Health symptoms.
Celebrity news.

Question 3/10

What notifications do you have on your phone?
Just for phone calls.
Calls and text messages.
Texts, emails, calls, etc.
Just email.
I don't do notifications.

Question 4/10

How quickly do you respond to text messages?
Right away
Within the hour
After a few hours
By the end of the day
Sometimes never

Question 5/10

What's the first thing you do when you wake up?
Check my phone.
Go on social media.
Watch the news.
Eat breakfast/have coffee.
Take a shower.

Question 6/10

You're out to dinner with a big group of friends. Where is your phone?
In my bag or pocket.
On the table.
In my hand.
It depends on the vibe.

Question 7/10

Have you put "out of office" on your email?
Never, I'm always on call.
If I go on vacation.
Nah, but they'll get the idea from my social media.

Question 8/10

How do you feel after a bit of scrolling on Instagram?

Question 9/10

It's okay to look at your phone when someone is talking to you when...
They are talking about something boring.
The conversation isn't important.
There is a lull in the conversation.
It's never okay.

Question 10/10

Do you sleep with your phone next to you?
The internet habit that you need to break is going online before bed! Here's the thing, going online before bed is a recipe for a bad night's sleep. Turn off that screen before dozing off and you'll enjoy a more refreshing night's sleep. The blue light from screens disrupts your body's natural rhythms!

Going Online Before Bed

The internet habit that you need to break is googling everyone you meet! Hey, we get it, curiosity can get the best of you. Snooping into the lives of others before you really get to know them is a recipe for disaster. The reason? You're simply judging a book by it's digital cover!

Googling Everyone You Meet

The habit that you need to break is never actually taking a break from the internet! You need to spend time away from your devices, even it's just a couple hours a week. Go outside, connect in real life, and remember what truly matters. You'll see the world in a whole new way!

Never Taking A Break

The internet habit that you need to break is posting everything on Facebook! Sure, your life may be interesting to you, but not everyone cares about your thoughts on politics or shopping at Target. Keep some of your life private and you'll find greater insight in yourself and others!

Posting Everything On Facebook

The internet habit that you need to break is looking at strangers on Instagram! Ever get sucked into a wormhole of looking at a stranger's beautiful house or seemingly perfect life, only to start feeling bad about your own? Remember, much of what you see online is staged or in the very least, edited. Your life is amazing as it is!

Looking At Strangers On Instagram