Which Informercial Product Are You?

Do you know which infomercial product is most like your personality? Are you Sham-Wow? Take this quiz and then pass it along! Find out which product you are and compare with a friend!

Question 1/10

Are you a bit of a clean freak?
Guilty as charged
Not really

Question 2/10

How often do you work out?
Every single day
Every couple of days
I can't remember the last time I worked out on purpose

Question 3/10

What would you do with a free hour of time?
Clean of course
Tend to the garden
Watch television
Fit in a quick workout
Eat obviously

Question 4/10

What sounds like a truly wonderful day?
Cooking with The Pioneer Woman
Laying in a hammock relaxing
Finally catching up on all of the laundry
Traveling somewhere new and eating a delicious dinner

Question 5/10

Do you tend to focus on how you look?
I focus an average amount
I focus way more than I should
I love the way I look

Question 6/10

What's something you've purchased, but never use/take care of?
A treadmill
A chia pet
A jewelry box
A George Foreman Grill
A bathrobe

Question 7/10

What are your sleeping habits likes?
I go to bed early and sleep all night
I got to bed late and then pass out
I can't fall asleep or stay asleep

Question 8/10

Let's say that all of these items are under $5. Which do you want most?
Tide to go pens
A teddy bear
A protein bar

Question 9/10

Which of the following would you not be able to live without?
An amazing pillow
Clean clothes and a hot shower
A scale
A microwave

Question 10/10

Which of these jobs sounds least appealing to you?
A preschool teacher
A fitness instructor
A chef
A personal assistant
A lawyer
If you were an infomercial product, you would be the Thighmaster! Who doesn't love physical fitness and trim thighs? We can't think of anyone! You're a fitness guru who loves trying out new fitness trends and products. We think you and the Thighmaster are two peas in a pod!

Thigh Master

If you were an infomercial product, you would be OxyClean! Bright whites are all that matter to you in this world. Removing stains is totally your game. You love when things are clean and pristine which is why OxyClean is your infomercial match made in heaven!


If you were an infomercial product, you would be the Snuggie! Not only are you a total cuddler with a strong inclination towards soft blankets, but you love the freedom to cuddle while doing other things. Like eating an ice cream sundae or chowing down on some chips!


If you were an infomercial product, you would be the Sham Wow! Versatile, useful, and always ready for anything. Like this tough cloth, you can weather just about any storm. There's never been a more perfect infomercial product for you!

Sham Wow

If you were an infomercial product, you would be the Shake Weight! Okay, so you're a little eccentric sometimes and people aren't always sure what they should do in your presence, but that doesn't mean you're not beloved! Much like this product, people can see past your quirky exterior and love you anyway!

Shake Weight