Which Hippie Saying Best Describes You?

The hippies were known for their amazing and sometimes zany sayings. Do you know which hippie saying best describes your personality? Take these 10 questions and find out.

Question 1/10

What are you typically wearing?
Tie dye
Natural fibers
Random thrift store finds
Whatever is in style

Question 2/10

What cause are you most likely to support?
Women's rights
The arts
Animal rights
Peace for all

Question 3/10

What's your jam?
The Beatles
Bob Marley
Bob Dylan
The Grateful Dead

Question 4/10

Do you meditate or practice yoga?
Yes, both
I meditate
I do yoga
I don't do either

Question 5/10

What's your stance on drugs?
Drugs are fine if you're responsible
Drugs pollute the body
It depends on the type of drug

Question 6/10

Which festival would you have most liked to attend?
Newport Folk
Burning Man
The Rainbow Gathering

Question 7/10

How important is art in your life?
Very important
Somewhat important
Not important at all

Question 8/10

Do you believe that our actions affect the lives of others?
Not really

Question 9/10

Do you practice any spiritual paths?
I'm a feminist at one with the goddess
I'm one with the universe

Question 10/10

How can we achieve peace?
Through unity
With understanding
With forgiveness
The hippie saying that best describes you is, war is over if you want it! You're a peace loving individual who truly just wants mankind to get along. Your friends have even nick named you the mediator, for your ability to bring peace wherever you go!

War Is Over If You Want It...

The hippie saying that best describes you is, "You're either on the bus or off the bus." In your opinion, people are either with you or they're against you. There is no in between. Because of this, you tend to not let others get to you.

You’re Either On The Bus Or Off The Bus.

The hippie saying that best describes you is, "be here now." You truly believe that the most important thing in life is staying present. The past is over and the future is one big question mark. The only way to find peace, is to be in the "now."

Be Here Now.

The hippie saying that best describes you is, "All I'm gonna do is just on and and do what I feel." You have a strong instinct that has guided you throughout your entire life. You never go against your gut, even when others attempt to get you to do so.

All I’m Gonna Do Is Just Go On And Do What I Feel.

The hippie saying that best describes you is, "Make love, not war!" Love is everything and war is the enemy. Without love amongst all people, there can never be true peace in the world. Because of this, you've always tried your hardest to promote peace.

Make Love, Not War.