Which Guru Phrase Are You?

Self help gurus seem to have all the answers. Somehow, they've learned to turn the many lemons of life into delicious pitchers of lemonade. Everyone has a guru phrase that describes them as a person; do you know which one you are? Only true self help healers will get the answer they deserve!

Question 1/10

What's the most important thing to teach children?
How to be kind.
How to self-love.
How to deal with failure.
The importance of following your dreams.
Dealing with ups and downs.

Question 2/10

Do you have any regrets in your life?
Oh boy, do I!
More than a few.
I have some.
I try not to have any.
Nope, everything happens as it should.

Question 3/10

How do you inspire hope when you're feeling down?
Call up a friend.
Look at old photos.
Play a happy song.
Focus on my breath.
Take a long walk.

Question 4/10

A genie is here to grant you one wish. Which do you go with?
I wish for true love.
I wish for a fat bank account.
I wish for a nice home.
I wish for a lifetime of happiness.
I wish for a long life.

Question 5/10

Which topic are you most likely to discuss on a first date?
Our childhoods.
OuOur stress coping mechanisms.
Our career dreams.
Our volunteer work.
Our hobbies.

Question 6/10

Do you have dreams of the future?
Of course, who doesn't?
I have a few.
I have one big dream.
Not at the moment, no.

Question 7/10

Of all these things, you consider yourself to be very _______ person.

Question 8/10

Do you take the time to treat yourself?
Not as often as I should.
No, but I buy myself nice things.
All the time, I matter!
When I'm really feeling down.
Hardly ever.

Question 9/10

In your opinion, life isn't complete without _________.
A significant other
A dog
A family
Lots of travel
A good friend

Question 10/10

You can only have true love or your dream job — which do you pick?
True love
Dream job
I wouldn't pick either!
Your guru saying is, "Strength in adversity is a form of greatness!" You're someone who sees setbacks and challenges as opportunities to grow into the person you're meant to be. With that attitude, the world is your oyster!

Strength In Adversity Is A Form Of Greatness.

You guru saying is, "Do the hard things, before the easy things!" Doing the hard thing is never easy, but that's never stopped you. In fact, you believe that hard things make the easier things that much more rewarding. No wonder you live such a fulfilling life!

Do The Hard Things Before The Easy Things.

Your guru saying is, "Become your own priority!" Sometimes, it's easy to put the needs of everyone else before our own. You've been guilty of this on more than one occasion. Yet, lately, you truly see the value of a little self care!

Become Your Own Priority.

Your guru saying is, "Be honest with yourself!" At your core, your someone who is virtuous and true. You always find ways to be honest with yourself, even when honesty hurts. While some people are all about delusion, you're all about doing what's true.

Be Honest With Yourself.

Your guru saying is, "Don't stop dreaming!" Even when obstacles and road blocks stand in your way, you never stop dreaming. In fact, those things just make you want to go for your dreams even more!

Don't Stop Dreaming.