Which Generation Do You Actually Belong In?

You know which generation you were born into, but do you know which generation you actually belong in? It's time to find out! Are you a true baby boomer or are you really a millennial? Are you generation X? Take this quiz and discover your true generational identity.

Question 1/10

How would a stranger likely perceive you?
As very stylish
As very confident
As very tech savvy
As very open minded
As very traditional

Question 2/10

Choosing just one word, describe who you are:

Question 3/10

What do you believe is the most negative personality trait you possess?
I'm judgmental
I'm reserved
I'm over confident
I'm cynical
I'm entitled

Question 4/10

At a party, you can be found doing what?
Having a deep political debate
Quietly keeping to myself
Chatting up anyone and everyone
Sticking with who I know
Drinking and dancing

Question 5/10

You just came into a little bit of unexpected money, what do you do with it?
Put it into savings
Invest it
Pay off my credit card
Buy a gift for a loved one
Make a splurge purchase

Question 6/10

Politically speaking, where do you land?
I'm very conservative
I'm somewhat conservative
I'm fiscally conservative, socially liberal
I'm somewhat liberal
I'm very liberal

Question 7/10

Which issue do you find the most pressing?
Healthcare reform
Saving the national parks
Clean energy
Global warming
Equal rights

Question 8/10

What's your relationship like with technology?
I can use a smartphone but that's about it
I'm fairly savvy on a laptop, tablet, and smartphone
I'm proficient in every kind of technology
I'm enthused and always need to have the latest and greatest
I have a love/hate relationship with tech

Question 9/10

What age is too young to get married?
You're never too young if you've found the one

Question 10/10

How would you describe your religious beliefs?
I'm agnostic
I'm not religious, I'm spiritual
I have some doubts, but I go to church
I'm extremely religious
I'm somewhat religious
Based on these quiz results, the generation that you belong in is the silent generation. This generation was highly focused on activism, change, and creating a better world for all. Individuals from this generation were born between 1925 and 1942. They saw some of the greatest innovations of our time. You truly share a lot in common with those of this generation!

The Silent Generation

The generation you truly belong to is the baby boomer generation! Born between 1946 and 1964, this generation was all about rejecting traditional values and idealistic tendencies. Individuals from this generation believe that the world can only get better with time and that hard work will always pay off in the end.

The Baby Boomer Generation

The generation you truly belong to is generation X! Individuals from this generation were born in the mid 1960s to mid 1970s. Individuals of this generation often were more independent and self reliant given that they didn't have nearly as much adult supervision as those generations that came before. Often dubbed latch key kids, this generation know how to take care of themselves.

Generation X

The generation that you truly belong to is the millennial generation! This generation has grown up familiar with communications, media, and digital technology. They tend to be very liberal in thought and in politics, often fighting for social causes such as equality and closing the gender pay gap. Outspoken and fashion forward, this generation places a high emphasis on being seen and appreciated.

Millennial Generation

The generation you truly belong to is generation Z. This is the first generation to have only known the information age. They are tech savvy, affluent in digital media, and tend to crave the approval and attention that only social media can bring. Individuals from this group tend to be very open minded and liberal.

Generation Z