Which Funny Parenting Moment Are You?

Parenthood is full of some pretty funny moments, but which funny parenting moment are you? Ready to find out! Take these 10 quiz questions and reveal your hilarious parenting moment!

Question 1/10

Pick a movie from the list:
Home Alone
The Parent Trap
Cheaper by the Dozen
Meet the Parents

Question 2/10

Would you rather be alone for the rest of your life or always be surrounded by annoying people?
I'd rather be alone.
I'd rather be surrounded by annoying people.
Eh, a mix of both.

Question 3/10

It's 9PM and your kid tells you they'll need cupcakes for school tomorrow. What do you do?
Bake the cupcakes begrudgingly.
Buy cupcakes at the store first thing in the morning.
Have my kid stay home sick the next day.
Call some other moms to take care of it.

Question 4/10

What do you do after taking a photo of your kid?
I share it on social media.
I stare at it adoringly.
I retake it until they look their best.
It sits in my phone and I forget about it.

Question 5/10

What's the worst part of being a parent?
The lack of sleep and dark circles.
The constant activities.
Other parents.
Always having to be "on."
When they throw tantrums.

Question 6/10

What's the best part of being a parent?
Teaching my kid something new.
Seeing my kids flourish.
Feeling fulfilled and purposeful.
Always having something to do.

Question 7/10

Pick a camp for your kids:
Boot camp
Etiquette camp
Sleepaway camp
Science camp
Music camp

Question 8/10

How would your kids describe you?

Question 9/10

How do you relax?
What's relaxation?
A solo walk.
Cooking or baking.
Wine and chocolate.

Question 10/10

How forgetful are you?
Very forgetful.
Somewhat forgetful.
Not forgetful at all.
The funny parenting moment that you're most like is when your kid draws your portrait! Much like these revealing pictures, you don't often see yourself exactly as you really are! Be a little kinder and remember that parenthood is hard! After all, we're sure you don't actually have spaghetti for hair or stick arms!

When Your Kid Draws Your Portrait.

The funny parenting moment that you're most like is when your kids dress like mini-adults! Kids want to grow up too fast, which means trying on your high heels or rocking a tie seems intriguing to them. Much like this parenting moment, you tend to race through life waiting for the future instead of focusing on the now!

When Your Kids Dress Like Adults.

The funny parenting moment that you're most like is when your kid falls down for the first time! When little ones fall, it can seem like the end of the world. They wail, toss around, and generally feel like they're having the worst day ever. Much like this parenting moment, when you get knocked down, you get up again, but not without a little cursing first!

When Your Kid Falls Down For The First Time.

The funny parenting moment that you're most like is when kids dress themselves! Kids don't always care what looks good together. Polka dots, stripes, and flowers in one outfit? Sure, why not! Much like this parenting moment, you've learned not to care what others think. You embrace who you are and always let your true self shine!

When They Dress Themselves

The funny parenting moment that you're most like is the first day of school! When summer winds down, kids dread having to deal with teachers, homework, and schedules. You don't exactly see it the same way! You treat everyday in life like the first day of school. A chance to get back to basics, enjoy what is, and have a little quite at home!

The First Day Of School.