Which Famous Painting Reflects Your Soul?

Everyone has a famous painting that truly reflects their soul! Which one best matches you? Ready for these artistic results? Start the quiz!

Question 1/10

Would you consider yourself to be an outdoorsy person?
Most definitely.
I like to be outdoors sometimes.
I'm more of an indoor person.
It depends on the season.

Question 2/10

You commission an artist for a painting to hang above the fireplace in your living room. What is the painting of?
It's a big portrait of me.
A still life.
A dreamy landscape.
An abstract piece.
I'll let the artist decide.

Question 3/10

How spiritual are you?
I'm extremely spiritual.
I'm somewhat spiritual.
I'm not spiritual at all.

Question 4/10

If you could live anywhere where would it be?

Question 5/10

How well do you get along with others?
I struggle to get along with others most of the time.
I get along well with everyone.
I get along with most people.

Question 6/10

When you go to a party, how do you behave?
I stay out of the spotlight and observe.
I like to be the life of the party.
I am usually deep in conversation with someone.
I would never go to a party willingly.

Question 7/10

Would you consider yourself to be understated?
I'm extremely understated.
I'm not understated at all.
I am somewhat understated.
What does this even mean?

Question 8/10

You just bought a new coloring book. What do you use on the first page?
Colored pencils

Question 9/10

Are you more introverted or extroverted?
Very extroverted
Somewhat introverted
Very introverted
Somewhat extroverted

Question 10/10

What do you daydream about?
A long lost lover
Winning the lottery
Quitting my job
Traveling the world
Taking a nap
The famous painting that reflects your soul is "The Last Supper." At your core, you're the type of person who has a deep sense of faith and duty. You believe that everything that happens in this world is all part of a bigger master plan.

The Last Supper

The famous painting that reflects your soul is, "The Starry Night." At your core, you're a dreamy and emotional person who tends to see meaning in everything. You are warm, compassionate, and sensitive. Others see you as an old soul, who lives a truly rich life.

The Starry Night

The famous painting that reflects your soul is "The Mona Lisa." At your core, you're a complex and mysterious person who doesn't like to reveal much about who you are. You tend to keep your feelings buried deep within, often building walls to keep others out. Still, you know who you are and find great satisfaction in your own company.

The Mona Lisa

The famous painting that best reflects your soul is "Water Lilies." At your core, you are a very peaceful and calm person who tends to take life at a slow pace. You don't get stressed out or angry very easily, often bearing a warm smile and a true sense of compassion.

Water Lilies

The famous painting that best reflects your soul is "The Creation of Adam!" At your core, you are a very complicated and intelligent person. You tend to think very deeply and are always down for an engaging conversation or a challenging book. You believe life is all about growth and moving forward.

The Creation Of Adam