Which Everyday Item From The 1970s Best Suits You Today?

Do you know which item from the 1970s best fits you today? The answer may just surprise you! Take this quiz and discover which 1970s item speaks to your current soul.

Question 1/10

Which worries you more: doing things right or doing the right things?
Doing things right
Doing the right things
A bit of both honestly

Question 2/10

What is your greatest asset?
My intuition
My compassion
My sense of style
My intelligence
My optimism

Question 3/10

If you lost power in a storm, what would you do?
I'd just go to bed
I'd conjure up some scary stories
I'd light some candles and read
I'd panic most likely
I'd enjoy the solitude

Question 4/10

How outdoorsy are you?
I'm very outdoorsy
Me and the outdoors don't mix
It varies daily

Question 5/10

What do you do when you're running late for something?
I let people know I'm behind
I panic and tell no one
I feel guilty
I just assume it's not a big deal

Question 6/10

Which room of your home do you spend the most time in?
The kitchen
The living room
The bathroom
The master bedroom
The family room

Question 7/10

What advice would you offer a teenager today?
Avoid trends and fads
Embrace your emotions
Live in the moment
Don't worry what anyone else thinks
Try new things often

Question 8/10

Who influences your decisions most often?
My friends
My parents
My boss or co-wrokers
My faith
I don't let anything influence my decisions

Question 9/10

What is the first thing you notice about other people?
Their body language
Their attitude
Their style
Their faults
Their smile

Question 10/10

Are you high maintenance?
I'm very high maintenance
I'm a tad high maintenance
I'm not high maintenance at all
The 1970s item that best suits you is a mood ring! No one feels just one mood all the time, especially you. You find human emotion absolutely fascinating and love to engage socially as often as possible.

Mood Rings

The everyday 1970s item that best suits you is the pet rock! You're an easygoing person who hates to be inundated with extra work. Pet rocks didn't need to be fed, bathed,or walked! Simplicity is truly the key to a great life!

Pet Rocks

The 1970s item that you're most like is the wide collared shirt! Much like this shirt you place a high value on being trendy and standing out. You're a true social butterfly who loves the company of like minded friends.

Wide Collared Shirts

The 1970s item that you're most like is vinyl records! You've always been a music maven with a ear for what's good. Not only are you far cooler than the average Joe, but you don't rub it anyone's face. Your attitude is one of openness and ease!

Vinyl Records

The 1970s item that you're most like is the Volkswagen beetle! You're a playful and fun soul who doesn't take life too seriously. You can almost always be found with a smile on your face and a compliment on the tip of your tongue.

Volkswagen Beetle