Which Elton John Song Are You?

Elton John has a song for just about any occasion or mood! Do you think you know which Elton John song you are? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10

What's your current relationship status?
It's complicated
Single and ready to mingle
In a committed relationship
Single and happy about it

Question 2/10

Finally, it's casual Friday. What type of pants are you rocking?
My comfy 70s bell bottoms
Skinny jeans of course
I'm still dressed up

Question 3/10

Who is your all time favorite diva?
Tina Turner
Diana Ross
Celine Dion

Question 4/10

Do you break hearts or get your heart broken?
I break hearts
I'm a heart breaker
I can be a bit of both

Question 5/10

You can't leave the house without this accessory.....
A silk scarf
Crazy sunglasses
A standout handbag
Bright lipstick

Question 6/10

It's Friday night in 1974, what are you up to?
Hitting the roller rink
Going to a drive in movie
Basement house party
Going to the diner with friends
Dancing the night away

Question 7/10

If you could be one of the characters in the Wizard of Oz, who would you be?
Dorothy of course
The cowardly lion
The tin man
The scarecrow
Glinda the good witch

Question 8/10

Which song are you most likely to pick on karaoke night?
I Will Survive
Don't Stop Believing
I Will Always Love You
Born in the USA

Question 9/10

What's your go to dance move?
The robot
The hustle
The electric slide
The hustle
I freestyle

Question 10/10

Which of these unusual vacations would you pick?
Going into space
Climbing Mount Everest
Sailing around the world
A humanitarian trip in Costa Rica
The Elton John song that is most like you is "Bennie & the Jets!" Much like this song, you're a classic with a twist. Your familiar, warm, and always invoke good feelings in others. You live your life fully and presently, never looking back or regretting anything.

Bennie & The Jets

The Elton John song that you are most like is "Tiny Dancer." You're a very sentimental and nostalgic person. When you heart the first few piano keys of this song, you can't help but tear up a little. You hold onto the little things in life, past and present. You assign meaning to just about everything.

Tiny Dancer

The Elton John song that you are most like is "Rocket Man!" You're a quirky and unique individual with an outlandish personality. You've always loved glitz, glam, and anything out of the ordinary. This song has always been a personal anthem of yours, especially when getting ready for a night out.

Rocket Man

The Elton John song that you are most like is "Crocodile Rock!" You live life on the edge. There's never a party invite that you'll turn down. Socializing and mingling is your whole world. You can't help but be the center of attention wherever you go. A person like you commands attention, much like this song!

Crocodile Rock

The Elton John song that you're most like is "I'm Still Standing!" Your life has always been a bit of a roller coaster. Despite all of the ups and downs, you're still standing. Your better for everything you've endured. In fact, all of your hardships have made you an incredible and resilient person.

I'm Still Standing