Which Early 2000s One Hit Wonder Are You?

These one hit wonders may have made us dance, sing, and wear questionable clothing in the early 2000s, but their time has since passed. Do you know which early 2000s one hit wonder you're most like? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10

How many pairs of sunglasses do you own?
One pair
Two pairs
Three pairs
Four pairs
More than five pairs

Question 2/10

In your opinion, rules were made...
To keep order
To be broken
To add structure
To reinterpret
Suggest an outcome

Question 3/10

Which board game are you most likely to play?

Question 4/10

How would your best pals describe you in one word?

Question 5/10

Are you bilingual?
I'm trying to be

Question 6/10

Which food are you most likely to binge on the weekend?
Fried chicken
Ice cream
Burgers and fries

Question 7/10

If you were to write a song, what would it most likely be about?
An epic night at the club
How our political leaders are holding us down
A particularly bad breakup
My friends or significant other

Question 8/10

What were you like as a teenager?
I was a jock
I was a trouble maker
I was artsy
I was in the band
I was quiet and shy

Question 9/10

Which girl group is the best girl group?
Spice Girls
Destiny's Child
The Supremes
Fifth Harmony
The Pussycat Dolls

Question 10/10

How are your dancing skills?
They're pretty non-existent
They're almost professional
They're a bit wacky
They're okay if me and everyone else has been drinking
The early 2000s one hit wonder that you're most like is "I Wanna Be Bad" by Willa Ford. Much like this song suggests, you truly get a kick out of being bad and stirring up trouble. Whether you're rousing gossip at work or breaking a few laws, you feel best when you're being bad.

"I Wanna Be Bad" By Willa Ford

The early 2000s one hit wonder that you're most like is "Smooth Criminal" by Alien Ant Farm. You like to think yourself as being pretty slick and clever. You're not one to necessarily break the law, but you do have a bit of fun toeing the line!

"Smooth Criminal" By Alien Ant Farm

The early 2000s one hit wonder that you're most like is "Wherever You Will Go" by The Calling! You're the type of person who will do anything and everything for those you love no matter how difficult it may be for you. You're dedicated, steadfast, and selfless.

"Wherever You Will Go" By The Calling

The early 2000s one hit wonder that you're most like is "Absolutely (Story Of A Girl)" by Nine Days. You're a kind and compassionate soul who seeks to make others feel their best. Sometimes that means lending a shoulder to cry on and sometimes that means doling out some sage advice.

"Absolutely (Story Of A Girl)" By Nine Days

The early 2000s one hit wonder that you're most like is "Like A Feather" by Nikka Costa! Much like this song, you're bold, audacious, and willing to do just about anything to have a good time! You never shy away from a challenge or a chance to be the life of the party!

"Like A Feather" By Nikka Costa