Which Country Song Are You?

Everyone has a country song that matches their personality, but which country song are you? Ready to find out? With these 10 twangy quiz questions we can pair you with the perfect country song!

Question 1/10

What is it you love about country music?
I relate to the lyrics
The romantic ups and downs
The anthemic choruses
The songs are catchy

Question 2/10

Pick a country star to have a drink with:
Carrie Underwood
Brad Paisley
Willie Nelson
Tim McGraw
Luke Bryan

Question 3/10

What kind of roads do you like to drive on?
Back roads
High ways
Dirt roads
Town roads

Question 4/10

Pick the word that best describes you:

Question 5/10

What would you most like to drink on a Friday night?
An ice cold beer
A whisky straight
Tequila shots
Red wine
Malt beverage

Question 6/10

What would you most like to do on a Friday night?
Read a book
Go out to dinner
Watch a movie at home
Spend time with family
Hit the bar

Question 7/10

When someone wrongs you, you're very likely to...
Exact revenge
Spread rumors about them
Sob and cry
Drink and party
Move on to better things

Question 8/10

How long does it take you to respond to a text?
5 minutes or less
Around 10 minutes
Around half an hour
An hour or more

Question 9/10

When you're not in a relationship, you feel...
Free and happy!
A bit lot to be honest.
Excited to date again.
A bit sad but okay.

Question 10/10

What's the most important thing in your life?
My family
My faith
My job
My pets
My success
The country song that describes your life is "Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood! Well, love hasn't been kind to you over the years. No sir. In fact, you've been bogged down by a lot of liars and cheaters in your day. While the pain is still pretty real, you've learned how to be strong and kick butt. After all, you don't need anyone to make you happy!

"Before He Cheats" By Carrie Underwood

The country song that describes your life is "Always On My Mind!" Whether it's a loved one, family member, or even a beloved pet; you always hold a special place in your heart and mind for the people you care about deeply. When they pass or move on with their lives, you just can't help but look back and feel nostalgic for the way things were.

"Always On My Mind" By Willie Nelson

The country song that describes your life is "I Walk The Line!" You keep a close watch on your heart and have built a lot of walls to keep others out. You don't give in to love easily, which is why it's hard for others get close to you. Remember, open up and let others in. You don't have to walk the line forever!

"I Walk The Line" By Johnny Cash

The country song that's most like your life is "Achy Breaky Heart" by Billy Ray Cyrus! Let's face it- you've been wronged way too many times in your life. Sometimes, it feels like your achy breaky heart will never fit back together the way it once did. Though this can be pretty hard to deal with, you've learned a lot from your pain and are stronger because of your struggles. Go you!

"Achy Breaky Heart" By Billy Ray Cyrus

The song that best describes your life is "Welcome to the Future!" As a kid, you had big dreams and aspirations. You pictured the way life might be one day and what adulthood would eventually bring. Now, that you're in what was once the "future" you see how lucky you are to be loved, have a family, and be alive. It's not the stuff that brings happiness, it's the people!

"Welcome To The Future" By Brad Paisley