Which Coast Are You?

Do you know which coast of the United States you are? Chill and laid back like the West Coast? Perhaps preppy and reserved like the east? Are you ready to find out which coast you really are? Take this personality quiz and find out!

Question 1/10

What would you like to have for lunch?
A deli sandwich
A healthy lettuce wrap
Shrimp and grits

Question 2/10

What could you never live without?
My smartphone
My pet
My lucky charm
My yoga pants

Question 3/10

What's your worst driving habit?
Not using turn signals
Cutting people off
Liberal honking

Question 4/10

Do you prefer your coffee hot or iced?
It depends on the day

Question 5/10

You're invited to a dinner party, what do you bring the host?
A bottle of good wine
Something for dessert
A yummy scented candle
A bouquet of flowers

Question 6/10

You have a doctors appointment. What time do you arrive?
15 minutes before my appointment
A half hour before my appointment
At my appointment time
5 minutes after my appointment time

Question 7/10

What reason do you use for calling off of work?
I'm stuck in traffic
I'm not feeling well
I need a mental health day
I overslept

Question 8/10

What job would you be terrible at?
Police officer
Office assistant

Question 9/10

What skill would you like to master?

Question 10/10

When you need to confront someone, what do you do?
I straight up tell them what's on my mind
I dance around the issue for weeks
I avoid that person until it all boils over
I have someone else confront them for me
You're most like the west coast! They say west is best and for good reason, this laid back coast is all about sitting back and enjoying life to the fullest. Forget the rat race of the east, you're all about taking life as it comes. This coast believes that there's no time like the present!

You're The West Coast

You're most like the east coast! Some might say that west is best, but we'd have to disagree. With beautiful coastline, traditional homes, and rich American history, the east coast is a true paradise. Much like this coast, you're all about heritage, family, and tradition. You live life in the moment, knowing that it will all work out as it should!

You're The East Coast

You're most like the gulf coast! So many people forget about the gulf coast all together, but not us! This striking coastline is known for its clear waters, sandy beaches, and beautiful sunsets. Much like this coast, you're all about working hard and playing even harder. Ambitious is a great asset, but so is knowing when to stop and smell the roses!

You're The Gulf Coast

You're a mix of all three coasts! You're a complex person who could never be pigeonholed by one coast. You've got the laid back attitude of the west mixed with the intellectual prowess of the east. Throw in a bit of the party attitude of the gulf and we've got you in a nutshell!

You're A Mix Of All Coasts