Which Cardinal Direction Are You?

Think of your personality as the four points on a compass. Every person's soul points in a certain direction. Some east, others west, a few north or south. Do you know which of the four cardinal directions you are? Let us discover which direction your personality points to! You may not be going in the direction you think.

Question 1/10

It's Saturday morning and your alarm just went off. What's the first thing you do?
Head to the bathroom.
Hit snooze.
Curse out the alarm.
Wake up refreshed and ready!

Question 2/10

How often do you make your bed before leaving the house?
Always, it's a top priority for me.
When I have time.
Most mornings.
Almost never.

Question 3/10

Do you prefer to live in the big city or the country?
I prefer big city life.
I like the suburbs.
I'd like to live in a small town.
I'm all about the country.

Question 4/10

Which food sounds most appealing?
Anything organic.
Fast food.

Question 5/10

How laid back are you?
Not at all.
I'm fairly laid back.
I'm wound pretty tight.
I'm as relaxed as they come!

Question 6/10

What kind of temperatures do you prefer?
I like warm temperatures.
I like cold temperatures.
I like hot temperatures.
I like cooler temperatures.

Question 7/10

What pace do you move at most of the time?
Slow and steady.
Very fast paced.
Somewhat slow and steady.
Somewhat fast paced.

Question 8/10

How would you describe your sense of fashion?
I dress in preppy clothes.
I'm pretty edgy.
I like the classics.
I'm very casual.

Question 9/10

How friendly are you to strangers you meet?
Somewhat unfriendly.
Somewhat friendly.
Not friendly at all.
Extremely friendly.

Question 10/10

How big of a tipper are you at restaurants?
I'm extremely generous.
I'm somewhat generous.
I give just enough.
I'm a little stingy.
You are North! The rock that creates stability in every aspect of your life. You are steadfast, resilient, and always mediating conflict. Those that love you would describe you as strong, honest, stoic, and grounded. While you may point North, you are a realist, someone who is always interested in stability and truth.


You point South! As a person, you are someone who is often chock full of energy, adrenaline and passion. You likely love partaking in sports or athletic training. When everyone else is feeling worn down or defeated, you're a ball of energy that just wants to keep going. Even when life throws you challenges, you make the most of them and prevail!


Your personality points due East. As a person, you are often above-it-all. You're quieter than most and don't require much in the way of social interaction. In fact, socializing can be a bit draining for an introvert like you. Introspective and deep, you love to play the role of passive observer. Choosing to sit back and watch rather than engaging.


You are west! You're someone who is in a constant state of flux. You feel emotions quite deeply and are best described as sensitive and kind. You hate drama and instability because it puts your emotions to the test. Those who know you would best describe you as flexible, empathetic, sympathetic and understanding. You seek to find both beauty and truth in the world around you.