Which Card Against Humanity Are You?

Question 1/10

What's the main reason why you can't sleep at night?
I feel itchy
Bad dreams
There's something good on TV
I'm too excited

Question 2/10

How do you take on difficult tasks?
I put them off until the last minute.
I meet them head on.
I make someone else do them for me.
I ignore it until it goes away.

Question 3/10

How do you want to die?
I'd like to go out with a bang.
Killer bees.
Old age.
Saving the world.

Question 4/10

What's the most jolly thing in the world?
Disney world
Santa Claus
Jelly Beans
Care bears

Question 5/10

What's the worst thing about TSA?
The lines
The free roaming hands
The scanners
The silent judgement

Question 6/10

What can you not have just one of?
A potato chip
Girl scout cookies
A cold beer
A dog

Question 7/10

Who are you most likely to drunk text?
My mom
My boss
My partner

Question 8/10

You have 99 problems, but one of them is not what?

Question 9/10

What's your secret power?
Incredible wit
Going from fine to hangry in 10 seconds
Making killer tacos
Being sassy

Question 10/10

What gets better with time?
I do
You're the bees card! Buzz, buzz! That's the sound of a person who loves to leave people guessing. You fly in out of nowhere and drop a bit of wit, humor or advice without anyone even realizing you were there. People aren't always sure how to define you and no one can put a finger on who you are.


You're the powerful thighs card! Let's take a moment and picture a wacky bodybuilder or someone dead lifting an entire car: that's you. This card sis all about a man with thighs so big, he could declare himself as an entire town. Like this card, you're a super strong individual who is true tour de force in every aspect of life. You don't let challenges or others bring you down!

Powerful Thighs

You're the Jazz Hands card! A complex creative type who doesn't like to be put into any kind of a box. In fact, you pretty much hate labels. Still, you love to bring enthusiasm and passion to everything you do. Much like an exciting pair of jazz hands, you're always optimistic, smiling and looking ahead to the next great thing.

Jazz Hands

You're the sassy woman card! Much like this card, you're a proud and powerful woman who doesn't take crap from anyone. Not only do you love to bring the sass and a bit of attitude, but you live to liven up a party or make some noise. If we could describe your personality in one phrase, it would be "drop the mic.."

A Sassy Woman

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