Which Awkward TV Character Are You Most Like?

Do you know which famously awkward television character you have the most in common with? Take these 10 questions and discover your awkward personality twin!

Question 1/10

Be honest, have you ever forgotten a punchline before you've finished telling a joke?
No way
Maybe once

Question 2/10

If someone asked you for advice, would you give it?
Of course!
No I'd cringe and run
It depends on the advice needed

Question 3/10

You end up sharing the elevator with an acquaintance. How do you respond?
Make small talk about the weather and news
Stare at the floor saying nothing
Tell horibble jokes

Question 4/10

You thought someone was waving at you, but soon realize they were waving at another person. What do you do?
Walk in the opposite direction
Wave back anyway
Blush and nope no one noticed

Question 5/10

Have you ever pretended to be on the phone just to avoid a conversation?
Doesn't everyone do this?
Not that I can recall
Maybe a few times

Question 6/10

Which animal are you most like?

Question 7/10

Do you enjoy working out?
No way there's too many people there
I love working out
Am I on a diet at the time?

Question 8/10

What would you do after you broke up with a significant other?
Listen to sad songs on repeat
Call them every 10 minutes
Pretend nothing is happening

Question 9/10

How do you react in a crisis situation?
Panic panic panic
I usually say terrible things to incite more panic
I carry on as usual

Question 10/10

Choose your favorite midnight snack:
Chocolate cake
The awkward TV character you are most like George Costanza of Seinfeld! Sure, George might seem cool enough, but when placed in a social situation he just can't seem to get it right. From saying the wrong thing to offending the wrong person, George is just about as awkward as they come.

George Costanza "Seinfeld"

The awkward TV character you are most like is Michael Scott of "The Office!" Michael might have good intentions, but most of the time he's totally clueless. From wearing women's pants to saying the most cringe worthy things of all time, Michael Scott is the epitome of the awkward bumbling boss.

Michael Scott "The Office"

The awkward TV character you're most like is Liz Lemon of "30 Rock!" Sure, Liz Lemon might seem like a no nonsense career woman, but more than that she's a teenage girl in a woman's body. As Liz navigates the perils of dating, friendship, and careers; she finds herself in a number of totally awkward situations.

Liz Lemon "30 Rock"

The awkward TV character you are most like is Phil Dunphy of Modern Family! Sure Phil is a nice guy with a big heart, but sometimes he just says and does the most cringe worthy things possible.

Phil Dunphy "Modern Family"

The awkward television character you are most like is Kurt of "Gilmore Girls!" Kurt is over involved, nosy, and totally ignorant to the fact that he's ever being awkward. While other characters might cringe at Kurt's awkward nature, he embraces who is 100%. There's something to be said about that!

Kurt "Gilmore Girls"