Which Australian City Should You Live Based On Your Personality?

Question 1/10

What pace to do you typically take life at?
High speed
Very relaxed
It depends on the day

Question 2/10

How important are the arts to you?
Very important
Somewhat important
Not important at all

Question 3/10

Where do you typically do your clothes shopping?
Budget friendly stores like H&M or Forever 21
Expensive stores like Saks
A mix between high and low

Question 4/10

Beaches? What's the big deal?
They're everything! The sun, the sand, the fun!
Beaches are not a big deal
Beaches are nice sometimes

Question 5/10

Your perfect meal is one....
Prepared by me
Prepared by someone else
Enjoyed on the couch next to someone I love

Question 6/10

How do you feel when driving through a bad part of town?
Completely normal

Question 7/10

How easy is it for you to make friends?
Very easy
somewhat easy
It's a bit tough

Question 8/10

Do you tend to talk to strangers on the street?
I love chatting with new people
I tend to keep to myself
It depends on my overall mood that day

Question 9/10

Do you enjoy rain?
Actually I pretty much loathe it...
I love a nice relaxing rain storm.
It depends on my mood

Question 10/10

A good Saturday is one spent....
With friends
Doing nothing
Sleeping in
Hanging with family
Going to the bar
The Australian city that you should live in based on your personality is Sydney! As Australia's largest city, this urban oasis offers amazing culture, beautiful beaches, and the bustling lifestyle that you crave.


Based on the results of this quiz, you should live in Melbourne! With amazing shopping plazas, epic food, and killer bars/nightlife; this urban oasis offers you all of the social stimulation and culture that you could possibly want!


The Australian city you should live in based on your personality is Perth! With sandy beaches, huge riverside parks, and amazing botanical gardens; Perth can offer a nature lover such as yourself everything you could ever possibly want.


Based on your personality, you should live in Brisbane, Australia! If you're looking for culture, museums, and intellectual stimulation in Australia; Brisbane is truly the place for you. As a noted lover of all things art and knowledge, this could be your perfect Australian city.


Based on your personality, you should live in Hobart, Australia! You're an old soul with a love of vintage architecture and slow living. Because of this, Hobart could be your perfect Australian oasis! With amazing old buildings, several historic districts, and a focus on the arts, Hobart is your Australian home away from home!


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Do you know which Australian City you should call home based on your unique personality traits? Take these 10 questions and find which city down under your destined for!