Which Actor From The 1950’s Should Have Been Your Husband?

Question 1/10

Were you born yet in the 1950's?
Yes, but I was not an adult yet
Yes, I was an adult
No, I was not born yet

Question 2/10

Do you prefer to watch black and white or color movies?
Black and white
I like both the same

Question 3/10

Can you sing or play an instrument?
Yes, I can do both
I can sing
I can play an instrument
I cannot sing or play an instrument

Question 4/10

Would you want your husband to be older or younger than you?
It does not matter

Question 5/10

Do you want to have children?
Yes/I already have children
I don't know yet

Question 6/10

Are you more likely to fall for a good guy or a bad boy?
Good guy
Bad boy
I have a soft spot for both

Question 7/10

Which of these personality traits are you looking for in a husband?
A good sense of humor
Charm to spare

Question 8/10

Could you stay married to someone who drank a lot?
I don't know

Question 9/10

Your husband tells a lame joke. What do you do?
I fake laugh
I laugh for real because I like lame jokes
I do not laugh

Question 10/10

Your husband has to go away for work. What do you do?
I ask to go with him
I relax at home with myself or some friends
I cheat on him while he is away
James Dean was an extremely handsome actor in the 1950's. He had all of the charms he needed to get by in life, and some extra to impress the ladies as well. You seem like the kind of person who cares deeply about looks and money, which is why James Dean would have been the perfect husband for you--because he had both!

James Dean

Cary Grant was a serious actor in the 1950's. He played both serious roles in movies and led a serious life off-screen as well. You seem like the kind of person who could use a mature husband, which is why Cary Grant would have been perfect for you!

Cary Grant

Elvis Presley is best known for his rock n' roll hits, but he was also quite the movie star in the 1950's as well. Those who knew him said he was kind, confident, brave, loving, and just a great person to be around. The two of you would have been sure to have a great love!

Elvis Presley

Gene Kelly was a great actor in the 1950's, and he had a great singing voice too! He is probably best known for his role in Singin' in the Rain. He was cute, funny, and talented. You two would have been sure to get along well, which is why he would have been the perfect husband for you!

Gene Kelly

Nat King Cole was best known for his great music that has been used in over a hundred unique films and television shows. However, he also dabbled in acting. You seem to be one to love music and men who can play music well, which is why Nat King Cole would make the perfect husband for you!

Nat King Cole

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