Which 80s Toy Are You?

Question 1/10

Be honest. Do you really play well with others?
Of course!
I (mostly) play well with others
I often play well with others
I'm a bit of a lone wolf

Question 2/10

When I was a kid I always picked toys based on ________.
TV shows
How cute they were
What accessories they came with
How cool they were
How in demand they were

Question 3/10

What type of parent are you or would you be?
A free spirit
A total helicopter parent
A tiger mom
A cheerleader
A lawnmower parent

Question 4/10

When you're craving sweets (and a break from your health kick) what indulgence do you grab?
Pre-packaged cookies
Ice cream
A candy bar
Anything with sprinkles

Question 5/10

How do you cheer up a friend or loved one when they're down?
A hug and a shoulder to cry on
Drinks and lots of distractions
I let them vent while I listen
I let them cry and then we eat lots of sweets

Question 6/10

What color do you love the most?
All of them...I love all colors

Question 7/10

What do you most often find yourself thinking about?
Winning the lottery
Going on an insane adventure
The intricacies of life
Cake...always cake

Question 8/10

What would you most like to spend a friday night doing?
Painting the town red
Hitting the bar scene
A quiet night in with friends
A solo night with my TV and some ice cream

Question 9/10

What truly excites you?
Trying new things
Having free time
Meeting new people
A really satisfying meal
Seeing a natural wonder

Question 10/10

To you the 80s is all about......
Bright clothes
Amazing music
Epic television
Hairspray and a teasing comb
Leg warmers
If you were a 1980s toy you'd be a Cabbage Patch Doll! Much like this doll, you're always in demand. With a cute demeanor, an irresistible face, and so much love to give, it's no wonder you're one with this iconic 80s toy!

Cabbage Patch Doll

If you were an 80s toy you would be Micro Machines! Has anyone ever used the phrase "small but mighty" to describe you? We thought so! Much like these iconic toys you come in a small package but you pack a mighty punch. Despite your size, you're full of fun and always up for an adventure.

Micro Machines

If you were an 80s toy you'd be a Care Bear! Somedays you're Funshine and sometimes you're Cheer! While your mood might change a bit from day to day, there's one thing that never changes: your kind and generous spirit. Friends and family are the most important thing in the world to you. You've got tons of love to give and you you won't stop until everyone gets some.

Care Bear

The 80s toy that you're most like is Rainbow Brite! You're a true individual who has been accused on more than one occasion of being a bit eccentric. Your love for bright colors, scrunchies and ponies knows no bounds. No one will ever accuse you of being dim or less than effervescent.

Rainbow Brite

If you were an 80s toy, you would be Transformers! Why are you most like this toy? Because you're rarely ever one thing! Your dualistic personality and habit of changing on a dime make you one in the same with this transformative toy. You can also be quite a formidable force in times of difficulty!


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The 80s were full of some of the most epic and iconic toys of all time. If you were one of these fun toys, which one would you be? Take these 10 questions and find out!