Which 80’s Child Actor Were You As A Kid?

These 80's child actors defined a generation! Do you know which 80's child actor you were as a kid? Take these 10 questions and discover who you're most like!

Question 1/10

Which of these would be your ideal vacation spot?
A deserted island with no others around
A big city with lots of excitement
A rural area with recreation
A jungle adventure
A desert excursion
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Question 2/10

Which of these words could be used to describe you?
Open minded
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Question 3/10

Which of these would be your dream occupation?
Interior design
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Question 4/10

Your friends are going out on the town tonight. Do you join them?
Of course, I live to go out!
I'll probably go out for a bit.
Nah I'd rather stay in.
I'm going to have friends over.
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Question 5/10

Which of the following most appeals to you?
A classic Mustang
A DeLorean
A Prius
Any kind of luxury car
A cool SUV
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Question 6/10

How does a week camping in the forest sound to you?
It sounds terrifying and frankly kind of boring
It sounds kind of fun, will there be alcohol?
It's right up my alley!
I've never been camping.
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Question 7/10

Are you religious or spiritual?
I'm religious
I'm spiritual
I'm neither
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Question 8/10

How would you feel about having a job in an office?
I already work in an office
It would honestly kill my soul
It would be okay
I'm too much of a free spirit for that
I prefer a more creative line of work
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Question 9/10

What do you typically wear on a given day?
A t-shirt and jeans
A button down and casual pants
A pretty sundress
A suit and tie
Whatever is trendy at the time
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Question 10/10

Which superpower would you most like to have?
Superior intelligence
Super strength
Super speed
X-ray vision
The 80's child actor that you were most like as a kid is Drew Barrymore! Much like Drew Barrymore, you were eccentric, quirky, and always optimistic. You believed that there was good in everyone and everything.

Drew Barrymore

The 80's child actor that you were most like as a child is Fred Savage! Much like Fred Savage, you were always smart, curious, and ambitious. Though some may have told you to slow down as a skid, you never stopped chasing your dreams.

Fred Savage

The 80's child actor that you were most like as a kid is Brooke Shields. Much like Ms. Shields, you were shy, reserved, and introverted. You much preferred to stay in with a good book to going out with friends.

Brooke Shields

The 1980s child actor that you were most like as a kid is Kirk Cameron! Much like Kirk Cameron, you were a good kid with rebellious tendencies. You were always looking to infuse joy by making others laugh.

Kirk Cameron

The 1980s child actor that you were most like as a kid is Mario Lopez! Much like Mario, your childhood was filled with outdoor and active pursuits. You were a bit of a jock in high school and have always been immensely popular.

Mario Lopez

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