Where In France Are You Destined To Live?

Ever dreamed of living the French way of life? Savory foods, sweet pastries and long leisurely walks sound like your idea of paradise? If so, you might be destined to live in France! Now, where is your true home in this amazing country? Let's find out today!

Question 1/10

What is your true tipple of choice?
A chilled glass of rose.
A glass of red wine.
An after dinner liqueur.
A cocktail post work.
A chilled glass of cider.

Question 2/10

What would be your dream home?
An apartment in a bustling city.
A small home by the sea.
A big farm house in the country.
A vineyard property.
A traditional cottage.

Question 3/10

How would you spend your perfect day?
Going to a museum.
Wine tasting.
Hanging out by the beach.
Visiting a local food market.
Doing something outdoors.

Question 4/10

How do you like to get around?
By bicycle.
Public transportation.
I like to drive.
In a convertible- top down!
On horseback!

Question 5/10

What kind of neighbors would you like?
Expats who speak English!
Someone rich and exciting.
People who keep to themselves.
Locals who know all the best spots.
Someone I can be friends with.

Question 6/10

What would be the most important aspect of living in France?
Food and wine
The culture
Good weather
The history
An active lifestyle

Question 7/10

Where would you most like to live?
By the seaside
In an international city
Along the sun-soaked Mediterranean
In a medieval village
In the idyllic countryside

Question 8/10

How do you feel about big crowds?
I don't mind them at all.
I love the energy of big groups.
I hate them. I need my space!
I don't care either way.

Question 9/10

What would your friends say about you?
That I'm outgoing.
I'm outdoorsy.
A food and wine buff.
A style icon.
Quiet and reserved.

Question 10/10

What's your favorite type of food?
Rich food
Fresh bread and cheese
anything light
Stews and comfort foods
Anything creative
You're destined to live in France! As someone who loves culture, history and the bustle of a city, Paris is perfect for you. You'll love evenings out on your apartment balcony looking out over the myriad of people and enjoying a coffee or croissant.


You belong in Nice, France! From the time you were little, you've been drawn to a relaxed and easy life by the sea. You have a laid back personality and tend to treat life as a pleasurable thing that should be savored. In Nice, you would lead a life of true leisure and happiness.


You belong in Lyon, France! To you, living in a place means immersing in a culture. That's why you're all about history and charm. You live for a place that is both modern yet totally historic. A total foodie, you love to try new dishes and savor every bite. Laid back and chill, you don't take anything too seriously.


You belong in Montpelier! Picture yourself walking historic streets surrounded by all of the charms of France. While you love convenience, you're not keen on a big bustling city like Paris. Instead, you want the charm of a small town life without sacrificing amazing culture or food.


You belong in Bordeaux! A wine lover who enjoys easy conversation, social gatherings and amazing culture. You would fit right into this historic town. From the amazing architecture and views to the wine that breaks records yearly, this is truly the place in France for you!