Where Do You Fit Into The World?

Do you know where you fit into the world based on your personality? It's time to find out! Take these 10 quiz questions and find out where you really fit. Are you playing the role you were meant to play?

Question 1/10

What would you like to eat for breakfast?
Berries and yogurt
Bacon and eggs
Biscuits and gravy
A huge pile of pancakes
Just coffee

Question 2/10

In your opinion, good _____ make good neighbors.

Question 3/10

Choose a color:

Question 4/10

Are you a homebody?
Yes, home is my favorite place.
No, I love to be out and about.
Sometimes, but it depends on my mood.

Question 5/10

When do you feel you best?
Right away in the morning
In the afternoon
In the evening
It varies daily

Question 6/10

You usually walk...
Very fast, with long steps
Very fast, with little steps
At a moderate pace
Slowly, looking at the ground
Slowly, looking at the world

Question 7/10

When talking to people you...
Stand with your arms folded
Stand with your hands clasped
Stand with your hands on your hips
Fidget with your hair or jewelry
Use my hands to talk

Question 8/10

When sitting, your legs are....
Crossed at the knee
Spread out
Bent beneath me
Crossed at the ankles

Question 9/10

When you go to a party or social gathering you...
Make a loud entrance
Sneak in unnoticed
Greet the host/hostess with a gift
Walk in and greet everyone

Question 10/10

What do you dream about most often?
Falling or flying
Fighting or struggling
Searching or adventuring
Falling in love
I don't usually dream
You fit into the world as a helper! You are an extremely selfless and generous person who is always driven to lend a hand and help others. Not only do you believe that the best thing you can give someone is your time, but you believe that every life is precious and deserving of some empathy.

You're A Helper!

You fit into this world as an innovator! You're a highly creative individual who always thinks outside the box. You love to problem solve and find new solutions to old problems. You tend to think very abstractly, which gives you an edge amongst those who only see things for what they are!

You're An Innovator!

You fit into this world as a peacemaker! Not only do you believe that things can only get better through peace and understanding, but you always try your best to unite others and bridge divides. You're calm, open minded, and loving. You believe all people have the same rights and that no one is above anyone else.

You're A Peacemaker!

You fit into this world as a revolutionary! Not only do you have the ability to lead others and command attention, but you possess revolutionary ideas to help change the world. You're all about leaving the world a better place than you found it!

You're A Revolutionary!

You fit into this world as a voice of reason! In a world full of chaos and falsities, you stand out as a calm and steadfast voice of reason. You never jump to conclusions and you always try to have your facts straight before making your opinion known. You're rational, even keeled, and dependable!

You're A Voice Of Reason!