What’s Your Weird Calling?

Question 1/10

If you could do anything today, what would it be?
Sleep in
Stay in and watch TV
Go on a food tour of Europe
Cuddle my pet
Visit an amusement park

Question 2/10

When you make a decision, you tend to....
Go with my gut.
Make a pro/con list.
Ask around for opinions.
Follow the money.
It varies.

Question 3/10

How do you feel about being in front of a large group of people?
Sounds good to me!
I hate crowds.
It depends on the situation.

Question 4/10

At the end of a long day, the first thing you do is...
Grab a snack.
Give my family a hug.
Take a nap.
Turn on the television.
Grab a coffee.

Question 5/10

You need to unwind and de-stress. Where do you go?
My bedroom.
The great outdoors.
The gym.
For a drive.
Out with friends.

Question 6/10

How comfortable are you with your body?
Very comfortable
Somewhat comfortable
Not comfortable at all

Question 7/10

What does your typical diet look like?
Lots and lots of junk food.
I try to eat healthy.
I eat a lot of things that I shouldn't.
It's pretty balanced.

Question 8/10

Do you like to entertain people?
Nah, I'm really only interested in entertaining myself.
Sure, why not!
Sometimes, but it would be exhausting all the time.

Question 9/10

Imagine you're back in high school. Which class are you looking forward to the most?
Home economics

Question 10/10

Would you rather have a job that pays really well or one you truly enjoy?
Show me the money baby!
I'd rather enjoy myself.
Can I have a mix of money and happiness?
Your weird calling is professional sleeper! No one can hit the hay quite as fast or as comfortably as you can. If you could sleep forever, you most certainly would! Not only do you love to sleep more than just about anything else, but you're a sound sleeper that wouldn't even be stirred by an earthquake.

Professional Sleeper

Your weird calling is professional Netflix watcher! To you, Netflix is more than just something to do, it's a downright passion. You've seen just about every movie, show, and documentary offered on this service. You have great taste and big opinions! If only you could really get paid to binge watch!

Professional Netflix Watcher

Your weird call is food taster! You've got an amazing palette and a true passion for all things food. Whether it's new snacks or the perfect pizza crust, you know exactly how things should taste and what would be a hit amongst the masses. You've got a talent for knowing what's what in the food world!

Food Taster

Your weird calling is to be a professional stand in liner! Though it may seem weird, some businesses and individuals do hire people to stand in line for them. What makes you the perfect stand in liner? You're optimistic, patient, and always willing to make small talk with strangers. If anyone can do this job, it's you!

Professional Stand In Liner

Your weird calling is professional cuddler! Though it might seem awkward, no one gives hugs or comfort quite as well as you do. When someone gets a hug from you, they instantly feel warm and fuzzy all over. We think you should start charging for you unique talent!

Professional Cuddler

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