What’s Your Sanity Score?

Do you know what your sanity score is on a scale of 1 to 10? Are you as sane as they come or are you feeling a bit on the crazy side? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out your true sanity score!

Question 1/10

How do you handle change?
I embrace it with open arms!
I let it happen and hope for the best.
I resist at first but ultimately go with the flow.
I fight it at every turn.
I avoid change.

Question 2/10

What's your favorite thing to do by yourself?
Read a book
Watch TV
Call up a friend
Pace aimlessly
Converse with my pet

Question 3/10

Your boss just doled out a hefty criticism. What do you do?
Use it as a learning tool.
Accept it and move on.
Dwell on it for days.
Break down.
Quit my job.

Question 4/10

Your friend just cancelled plans last minute. How do you feel?
Just fine, now I can relax at home.
A little bummed.
Bit peeved but I get over it.
Angered and frustrated.
They are no longer my friend.

Question 5/10

When you're assigned a task, how long does it generally take you to get started?
I get started right away.
I get started within a few days.
I get started in a few weeks.
Right before the deadline.

Question 6/10

How often do you have trouble concentrating?

Question 7/10

You just arrived at the grocery store and its packed to the gills. How do you feel?
Indifferent, stores get full sometimes.
A little overwhelemd.
Totally stressed out.
I just turn around and leave.

Question 8/10

How dependent are you on others to get by?
Very dependent
Somewhat dependent
Not dependent at all

Question 9/10

When something bothers you, you can't help but...
Tell everyone you know.
Tell someone I trust.
Blurt it out.
Keep it to myself for as long as possible.

Question 10/10

The restaurant you love just ran out of your favorite dish. What's your reaction?
Time to try something new!
Oh well, onto the next thing.
Demand they find a way to make it.
Leave the restaurant fuming.
You have a sanity score of 10! You're sane, normal, and healthy. You know how to implement coping mechanisms in times of stress and dutifully deal with whatever life throws your way. You are even keeled and grounded, with a sound sense of logic and common sense.

10 (Sane And Normal)

You have a sanity score of 7! You are perfectly sane and healthy. You're a very grounded and logical person who doesn't let emotions get the best of you. Not only do you have healthy strategies for dealing with stress, but you also have a great deal of perspective on any situation life throws your way. You enjoy life to the fullest without letting the little things get you down.

7 (Sane)

You have a sanity score of 5! For the most part, you're pretty sane and together, but moments of stress can often leave you feeling edgy. You're a very impulsive person who tends to act before thinking things through. You tend to throw logic out the window in favor of going with your gut, which can often lead you into more than a few squirrelly situations.

5 (A Little Edgy)

You have a sanity score of 3! Unfortunately, your sanity seems to be fleeting. While you're intelligent and mentally sound, emotionally speaking, you could use a bit of help. You're feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, and a bit all over the place. Keeping your thoughts straight can be difficult at times. You find yourself becoming more and more impulsive with each passing day.

3 (Fleeting Sanity)

You have a sanity score of 1! While you're not totally insane, you often feel like your sanity comes and goes. You tend to live out of impulse, doing things that feel right in the moment and regretting them later. You hate handling stress and tend to go off the rails if things don't go exactly as you planned. You could use a bit of help! Reaching out is the first step in gaining back your sanity!

1 (Not Sane)