What’s Your Random Witch Name?

Just in time for Halloween, it's time to reveal your random witch name! Share this quiz with your friends and find out who's really the witchiest of them all. Happy hauntings!

Question 1/10

Have you ever had a dream that came true?
Yes, I've had many!
Maybe once or twice.
Yes, but it was probably a coincidence.
Not that I can recall...

Question 2/10

Have you ever correctly guessed the gender of a pregnant woman's baby?
I can't recall

Question 3/10

Your significant other has a headache. What do you do?
Give them aromatherapy oils
Rub their back
Give them painkillers
Put on a cold compress

Question 4/10

Are you more of a cat person or a dog person?
I'm move of a cat person
I'm more of a dog person
I love both

Question 5/10

Do you use a lot of spices and herbs in your cooking?
I just follow the recipe
I believe herbs add something special to every recipe
I'm love cooking with spices
It depends on the dish

Question 6/10

What are your thoughts on children?
They're the future!
They're little brats!
I loathe kids!
I love kids!

Question 7/10

What do you use to make your house smell nice?
Burn incense
Plug in air freshners
Light some candles
Diffuse essential oils

Question 8/10

What kind of spell are you most likely to cast?
A love spell
A mind control spell
A get rich spell
A time warp spell

Question 9/10

When it comes to difficult decisions, how do you tend to react?
With my head
With my heart
It depends on the situation

Question 10/10

What's the scariest thing about you?
My attitude
My morning breath
My hair on a humid day
My style
My cackle
Your random witch name is Morag Lousegrunter! How does one earn such a name? Well, it's your air of mystery, quirky personality, and love of leaving others guessing that makes for one unpredictable name. As a witch, you'd likely be the type to boil newts in an attempt to cook up a love potion or truth serum.

Morag Lousegrunter

Your random witch name is Ermitrude Goosetickler! As a witch, you'd be the type to always have a black cat at your side and a potion brewing on the stove. You're almost always covered in leaves and dirt, remnants from your many treks to collect ingredients for some truly wicked spells.

Ermintrude Goosetickler

Your random witch name is Priscilla Cockroachsquider! What good is a cockroach to you? Everything apparently! As an a witch, you'd be very clever, intelligent, and cunning. With a keen sense of manipulating others, you'd be able to control every being you encountered.

Priscilla Cockroachsquidger

Your random witch name is Noreen Slugsquider! Every great potion starts with some great slug slime and every witch is only as great as her best potion. As a witch, you'd be highly experimental. You'd spend hours everyday just cooking up new spells, dabbling in new potions, and testing out your wicked brews on willing (and unwilling) victims.

Noreen Slugsquidger

Your random witch name is Angelica Bugchomper! As a witch, you've never met a bug that you didn't want to munch on. That's right, you're a big fan of bugs, creepy crawlers, and anything that goes bump in the night. You're a classic witch with a cackle that can be heard for miles. We wouldn't want to get on your bad side. After all, we might just end up in one of your potions!

Angelica Bugchomper