What’s Your Cuddle Style?

According to science, nothing beats a good cuddle! But what exactly is your cuddle style? Are you one to initiate a good cuddle or are you the type who likes to be wooed? Let's find out your exact cuddle style with this almost scientific quiz!

Question 1/10

When it comes time for a good cuddle session, who initiates?
I do
They do.
It's half and half.
Eh, we're not big on cuddling.

Question 2/10

In your humble opinion, what's the best cuddle position?
Big spoon
Little spoon
On the lap
Snug in a hug

Question 3/10

Do you cuddle at night while trying to fall asleep?
Yes, every single night.
When it's really cold out.
Sometimes, but not often.
Nah, we don't go to bed at the same time.

Question 4/10

Would you rather cuddle your significant other or your pet?
My significant other.
My pet.
I don't have a pet...
I don't have a significant other...

Question 5/10

What do you like to wear when cuddling?
Nothing at all...
A pair of pajamas.
Something silky.
Whatever I happen to be wearing at the time.

Question 6/10

What's the best cuddle spot?
The bedroom
On the couch
All are good with me!
Eh, no cuddles are the best cuddles.

Question 7/10

How long should a cuddle last?
5 minutes or less.
Around 20 minutes.
The length of a movie.
All night!

Question 8/10

Your arm goes numb while cuddling. What do you do?
Switch sides.
Stop cuddling.
Deal with it.
I'd never cuddle long enough for that to happen.

Question 9/10

Do you enjoy public cuddles or PDA?
Yes, in small doses.
Yup, bring it on!
Sometimes, but not always.
That's not for me.

Question 10/10

Do you need affection in order to feel loved?
Yes, always.
Not really.
Your cuddle style is "the facetimer!" When you cuddle, you like to go all in. Lying face to face or moving in for an embrace, the closer the better. You love to give sweet little kisses, nuzzle, or simply let yourself relax fully in the arms of another.

The Facetimer

You're the sitting snuggler! To you, nothing beats plonking down on your partners lap and going right for a tight hug. Bonus if you can sit peacefully with your head against their chest, just squeezing the living daylights out of them. You cuddle to feel both connected and together.

The Sitting Snuggler

You're the classic big spoon! Not only do you like to be in control when engaged in a cuddle, but you love the coziness and overall warmth of this position. Lying side by side, you feel safe, cared for, and warm. Isn't that what cuddling is all about?

The Big Spoon

Your cuddle style is "the headlock!" We won't call this a power move, but it is one that evokes both power and intimacy. You love to sleep face to face with your cuddle partner, be it a human or a dog. While in such a tight position, you tuck your head into an arm or collarbone and enjoy a true feeling of safety.

The Headlock