What’s Your Binge watching Style?

Parked in front of the TV with gobs of popcorn might make for the perfect evening. Yet, according to science, no two people binge exactly alike. Psychologists believe that there are three distinct type of binge watchers in the world. Do you know what kind you are? Hit start and find out your true binge personality!

Question 1/10

Which of these series have you already completed?
"Stranger Things"
"The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"
"Game of Thrones"
All of these.

Question 2/10

If a show is based on a book, when do you read the book?
Before I watch the series.
When I'm waiting for the next season.
After I finish the series.

Question 3/10

When are you most likely to watch the show you're binge-watching?
When I get home from work.
Only on the weekends.
After dinner.

Question 4/10

Have you ever lost time while binge-watching?
Yes, but it's rare.
Literally everytime I binge.

Question 5/10

How long do you hold your pee while you're binge-watching something?
Until the end of the episode.
Until I can't take it anymore.
Until the end of the scene.

Question 6/10

Which days of the week are you most likely to binge-watch a show?
Monday through Friday.
Friday through Sunday.
Literally all week.

Question 7/10

What is most likely being eaten while you binge?
An entire feast

Question 8/10

What do you wear when you binge?
Comfy pants
My birthday suit

Question 9/10

Do you lay on your couch while you binge, or do you sit up?
I lay down.
I sit up.
I move between the two.

Question 10/10

What are you doing when you binge-watch something?
Playing on my phone
Just watching the show
You're the fast binger! When you're into a show, it completely consumes your day. You can't hit pause to go to the bathroom, nor can you make too much noise eating a snack. You're all about the show and the story. You binge all the way through in one day, never pausing, and rarely leaving your seat.

The Fast Binger

You're the moderate binger! In the world of binge watching, you're pretty moderate. You still have a life, but you're definitely down to binge watch for several hours straight. While you may watch several episodes of a season in one night or an afternoon, you've never devoted yourself to a whole season in one day. While part of you wants to see what happens next, part of you wants to have a life and savor the story.

The Moderate Binger

You're the relaxed binger! While your fellow binge watchers are blowing through several shows a week, you're taking your time. You like to sit back and savor the amazing content in your show. You have great self control and the patience to not rush through an entire season. You treat watching a show as a special treat, complete with comfy clothes and good snacks to make the moment right.

The Relaxed Binger