What’s Your Ancient Warrior Name?

Before the days of Instagram and Facebook, people were to become ancient warriors and earn their place in the world. If you lived back in ancient times, what would your mighty warrior name be? Would your name invoke feelings of fear or nobility? Let's find out!

Question 1/10

When it comes to your day job, you always try to do....
The bare minimum.
Exactly what's expected of me.
More than what's expected of me.
The best job that I can.
Enough to not get fired.

Question 2/10

Are you a very religious person?
Not at all, religion is a waste of time.
In some ways, but mostly no.
I try to attend church every Sunday.
I believe in God, but I'm not religious.
I'd say I'm very spiritual.

Question 3/10

What kind of shoes do you typically wear to work?
Biker boots
Dress boots

Question 4/10

What's the most dangerous thing you would do?
Ride a motorcycle without a helmet.
Eat at a restaurant without reading a review.
Not pray before bed.
Drive above the speed limit.
Eat under cooked meat.

Question 5/10

How strong is your warrior spirit?
Very strong!
Kind of strong.
I guess it's strong...
What's a warrior spirit?

Question 6/10

How strongly do you believe in good and evil?
They exist and they're at odds.
I believe good always overcomes evil.
I think being bad is pretty fun!
I think both words mean a lot.

Question 7/10

How do you keep fit?
I lift weights.
I lift food into my mouth.
I run.
I box.
I practice yoga.

Question 8/10

How would your best friends describe your personality in one word?

Question 9/10

How do your subordinates feel about you?
They respect me.
They fear me.
They listen to me.
They look up to me.
I don't have any.

Question 10/10

What's more valuable, education or life experience?
Life experience
I'm not sure...
Your ancient warrior name is Skull Destroyer! When it comes to conflict, you go all in, never shying away from the challenge. You destroy everything in your path. Back in ancient times, you would have earned a reputation for total mayhem and destruction, as you wouldn't just slay your enemies, you would destroy everything that remains.

Skull Crusher

Your ancient warrior name would have been The Wisp! You're not a rough and tumble person, nor are you very stern. On the ancient battlefield, you would have stayed to the back lines, avoiding as much conflict as possible. You were a nondescript background player who wasn't keen on playing the role of hero. While you brought intelligence and wit to each challenge, you weren't the might, or the courage.

The Wisp

Your ancient warrior name would be "The Sorcerer!" A highly spiritual person, you would have relied on your supernatural allies to prevail in battle and in social rankings. Somehow you would have associated with those known to be wizards or witches. In battle, you would have hung out at the temple, cleaving your way directly to it and laying waist to all high enemy priests.

The Sorcerer

Your ancient warrior name would have been "The Iron Rider!" When others saw you riding in on horseback, they would have trembled with fear, running away to steer clear or your path. You would have been a highly effective warrior, bringing terror and mayhem wherever you went.

The Iron Rider

Your ancient warrior name would have been "The Battle Giant!" Large than life and completely imposing. The sight of you would have brought about both fear and admiration. Those in your village would have admired you, where those in your path would have feared you highly.

The Battle Giant