What’s Your Adult/Child Percentage?

Have you ever wondered what percent adult and what percent child you actually are? It's time to find out if you're adulting as well as you think! To the quiz!

Question 1/10

Every year, Grandma still sends you $50 on your birthday. How do you spend it?
On booze
I put it towards bills.
I fill up my gas tank.
I buy groceries.
I treat myself to dinner and dessert.

Question 2/10

Your co-workers invite you out for a drink after work. Do you indulge?
Obviously, it's happy hour!
Nah, I've got things to do.
I'd suggest a game of kick ball instead.
Probably, it depends on how tired I am.

Question 3/10

You're on a first date at a fancy restaurant with someone you want to impress. What do you order for yourself?
Salmon and asparagus
Chicken fingers and fries
A cheeseburger with chips
A pasta dish

Question 4/10

What's the longest that dishes have gone unwashed in the sink?
Half a day
A day or two
A week or so
More than a week

Question 5/10

Who do you live with?
My parents
My spouse

Question 6/10

You have leftovers from dinner, how do you store them?
Put it right into the fridge in the pot.
Put it into some tupperware containers.
Put it in a ziplock bag.
Find a bowl and cover it with plastic wrap.

Question 7/10

Your weekends are reserved for _____.
Bridal showers
Baby showers
Pursuing my hobbies

Question 8/10

How often do you make your bed in the morning?

Question 9/10

It’s a Saturday morning and you’re rising from your slumber. What time is it?
8 AM
9 AM
10 AM
1 PM

Question 10/10

What is your biggest worry when traveling?
Getting a sunburn
Bad food
Losing something expensive
Your adult/child percentage is 70% adult and 30% child! While you've got an amazing sense of adventure and enthusiasm for life, you also know when to roll up your shirt sleeves and do some serious adulting. You always pay your bills on time, keep up to date on appointments, and have a great savings account. You're responsible and hardworking with just a hint of childlike innocence!

70% Adult, 30% Child

Your adult/child percentage is 60% child, 40% adult! It's obvious that you've got a childlike sense of play and enthusiasm that has not dwindled with age! You treat life like a great adventure that should be enjoyed, not just endured. Though you're responsible and hardworking, you know how important it is to never lose your sense of fun!

60% Child, 40% Adult

Your adult/child percentage is 50% child, 50% adult! Congratulations, you're the perfect blend of child and adult. You know when to be a responsible adult and when to kick off your shoes and have a bit of fun. You always embrace whatever life throws your way with a sense of optimism and hope. You've never lost your playful childlike nature, nor your curiosity for the world at large!

50% Child, 50% Adult

Your adult/child percentage is 80% adult, 20% child! You're a highly organized type A person who loves routine, order, and having everything under control. You pay all of your bills in advance, have never forgotten a birthday, and find most social outings to be a bit trifle. While there's still a fun and playful child in there somewhere, you seem to have lost them a bit along the way. The good news is, you're a highly successful adult!

80% Adult, 20% Child