What Would You Wish To Your Grandkids?

As the world changes, it's easy to imagine what the world might be like when our grandchildren are older. What do you hope for them in the future? Take these 10 questions and find out what you would wish to your grandkids!

Question 1/10

What do you admire most about your grandchildren?
Their openness
Their imagination
Their sense of wonder
Their courage
Their intelligence

Question 2/10

What do you regret most in life?
Not taking chances
The one that got away
Not stopping to smell the roses
Doubting myself
I don't regret anything

Question 3/10

What was the best part of having children?
My newfound sense of strength
Watching them discover their world
Guiding them
Seeing them blossom into adults
All of it

Question 4/10

What's the last thing you do before you go to bed each night?
Check my emails
Say my prayers
Think about everything I have to do the next day
Say I love you to my partner
Write in a gratitude journal

Question 5/10

How often do you take time to write down your personal thoughts?
Once a week
Once a month

Question 6/10

The perfect day is one in which....
I spend time doing my hobbies
I try something new
I spend time with my family
I don't have any real responsibilities
I have time to reflect and think

Question 7/10

What would you say to your eighteen year old self today?
Don't worry about how you look
Everything will work out in the end
Nothing good gets away
Stay positive and keep going
Love fully and often

Question 8/10

Kids today....
Have the world at their fingertips
Might miss out on what's important
Aren't really connecting
Are like kids have always been
Have more opportunities

Question 9/10

What's the perfect way to spend a birthday?
Surrounded by family laughing and having fun
Relaxing and treating myself
A nice spa day
Eating cake and indulging
All of the above

Question 10/10

What's your favorite time of day?
You would wish true love to your grandkids! Through the years, you've come to understand that it's not possessions or career success that makes for a well lived life, it's love. Without love and companionship, money is just money. For your grandkids, you wish all the love in the world.

True Love

For your grandchildren, you wish for them to have strength in their convictions. In prior generations, it was sometimes looked down upon to go against that status quo or to stand up for something that wasn't popular. For your grandkids, you wish them all of the strength in the world to be themselves and to stand up for what they believe in.

Strength For Their Convictions

For your grandchildren you wish a true sense of self! Growing up is absurdly hard, especially in the modern age when kids are constantly shown images of "perfect" celebrities and reality TV stars. What you want is for your grandchildren to have a true sense of who they are and what they want. You hope that they know they're perfect as they are and that there is nothing they will ever need to change in order to fit in.

A True Sense Of Self

For your grandchildren you wish honesty and humility! In your opinion, these two traits can carry a person anywhere. To be honest is the foundation of building solid and lasting relationships. Humility is key in finding true success and contentment. Your wish is for your grandchildren to have both traits.

Honesty And Humility

For your grandchildren you wish real success! There are so many types of success it can be hard to keep them all straight. For your little ones, you wish the kind of success that doesn't bring temporary satisfaction, but lifelong happiness. You wish for them success that leads to personal contentment, a comfortable life, and enough money that they're never left to struggle.

Real Success