What Would You Say To President Obama?

If you had a minute to say anything at all to President Obama, what would you say? Would you air your grievances or keep it civil? Take these 10 questions and find out what you would say to President Obama!

Question 1/10

What age range do you fall in?

Question 2/10

What part of the US do you hail from?
The Northeast
The South
The Midwest
The West

Question 3/10

In your opinion, Obamacare was.......
Long overdue
A bit of a mess
A massive failure
A great change to American healthcare
A good idea in theory

Question 4/10

Would you classify yourself as blue collar or white collar?
Blue collar
White collar
A bit of both

Question 5/10

How important is transparency in the government?
Very important
Somewhat important
What right do we have to know what the government is doing?

Question 6/10

Do you believe that gun control has been well handled?
Somewhat well handled
I don't think the laws are strict enough
I think gun laws are too strict
There's so much more to be done

Question 7/10

Are you pro choice or pro life?
Pro choice
Pro life
I'm undecided

Question 8/10

If Obama weren't president, would you like him as a person?
I like him as a person but not as a leader
The past 8 years have been a waste
He seems nice enough

Question 9/10

Did Obama do enough to change education in America?
I think there was more he could've tackled
Does any president ever do enough?
Did he even do anything with education?
I think great strides were made

Question 10/10

How do you feel about Mrs. Obama?
She's a lovely woman
I'm tired of her and her bare arms
She's a bit intense
I think she was a great asset in getting children motivated to play more
Hang in there. Many people are behind you and believe in you. Parts of Obama Care are a quagmire but this was inevitable. Many of the BIG profit-orientated pharmaceutical companies and medical firms did not want to see you succeed and they have purposely and intentionally created challenges to derail public healthcare.

Hang In There

You would ask President Obama why he didn't do all of the things he promised he'd do while campaigning for president. Like many Americans, you feel as if Obama didn't necessarily hold up his end of the deal or deliver the change he promised during his initial campaign. You would seize your few minutes to ask him why.

Why Didn't You Keep Your Promises?

You would ask President Obama why he hasn't closed Guantanamo Bay, despite being a vocal opponent. You would also air your grievances with the way he handled healthcare, the war on terror, and the financial crisis.

Why Haven't You Closed Guantanamo Bay?

You would thank Obama for taking on the hardest job in the world and trying to enact change. Unfortunately, despite Obama's best attempts to create drastic change, he was often blocked by a congress with an opposite party majority. You know this and that's why you would thank Obama for hanging in there and trying his best despite a tough economy and a tough political climate.

Thank You For Serving Us

You would ask Obama what the point of Obamacare even is and if it's at all beneficial to the country. You've had your doubts about healthcare for a long time, especially when it comes to Obamacare and the idea of universal health care. You would take your time to confront Obama on his healthcare policies.

What's The Point Of Obamacare?