What Would You Say To A Telemarketer?

Telemarketers are a part of life- but what do you say when a telemarketer rings you up on the phone? Are you polite and sweet or witty and biting? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10

What kind of phone do you use?
Non-smart phone

Question 2/10

Does your phone have a cracked screen?
Yes, how did you know?
Nope, not yet.
Like I said, I use a landline!

Question 3/10

Are you the type of person who says "good morning" to strangers?
Yes, I love to talk to new people!
Sometimes, but not often.
Nope, I'm not really a "good morning" person.

Question 4/10

A friend wants to borrow some money for concert tickets. What's your response?
"What am I, an ATM?"
"There will be interest to collect."
"Sure, take my money!"
"Nope, sorry."

Question 5/10

How many unread emails are in your inbox right now?
Maybe a handful.
Around 20 or 30.
More than 100.
More than 1,000.

Question 6/10

You pride yourself on being very...

Question 7/10

Do you ever rehearse what you're going to say on the phone?
Only for a job interview.
Only when ordering take out.
Only when making appointments.
Never, who does this?

Question 8/10

What kind of friend are you?
I'm everyone's BFF.
I don't have friends, ony haters.
I have lots of close friends.
I have friends, but we're not close.

Question 9/10

When's the worst time to get a telemarketing call?
Early in the morning.
Right at dinner time.
At work.
When I'm trying to watch TV.

Question 10/10

When's the last time you got in a fight?
I don't know, high school?
I've never been in a fight.
I get in fights daily.
A few months ago or something.
Next time a telemarketer calls you, open with the line "What are you wearing?" Not only will you get a good laugh- but you'll probably never get a call back again. If anyone has the confidence to pull this line off, it's you!

"What Are You Wearing?"

Next time a telemarketer calls you, get very quite, and then whisper "Will you marry me?" Don't stop until you get answer. You've go the comedic timing, confidence, and inner prankster that's needed to pull this line off!

"Will You Marry Me?"

Next time a telemarketer calls you, start with the plea, "Can I talk to you? No one ever wants to listen to me!" Then go on about your cats, your dog, and your life. You'll get them off the phone pretty fast and will definitely get a good laugh. If anyone can pull this line off with sincerity, it's you!

"Can I Talk To You? No One Ever Wants To Listen To Me!"

Next time a telemarketer calls you, lead with, "Can I borrow some money?" Don't give up when they try to change the subject. You're a tenacious soul who would never take no for answer. Get that fake money!

"Can I Borrow Some Money?"

The next time a telemarketer calls you, just keep saying "no...no...no..." repeatedly into the phone. With your dry sense of humor and quick wit, you'll have no trouble trolling your next telemarketing call!