What Will Your Next Facebook Rant Be About?

Let's face it, Facebook is a perfect place to vent! What exactly will your next Facebook rant be all about? With just 10 simple quiz questions, we can reveal the truth!

Question 1/10

When you wake up in the morning, what's the first thing you do?
Watch the news
Check Facebook
Have some coffee
Get ready for work
Watch the weather

Question 2/10

What can ruin your entire morning?
Spilling my coffee
Running late
Getting in a disagreement
Sitting in traffic
Hearing a bad song

Question 3/10

What would you change if you could?
Celebrity culture
The healthcare system
Other people
My job
The political system

Question 4/10

Who do you vent to the most?
My significant other
My dog
My co-workers
My friends
My parents

Question 5/10

Could you be friends with someone who doesn't see eye to eye with your beliefs?
Of course, it takes all types!
Maybe, it depends on what we disagree on.
Nope, my beliefs are everything.

Question 6/10

The coffee barista got your order wrong. What do you do?
Demand they make a new one for free.
Grin and bear it.
Order a new one and pay for it.
Ask to speak to the manager.
Let it go, who cares?

Question 7/10

What are you typically talking about on social media?
My family
My work
My beliefs
My bad day
My relationships

Question 8/10

What do you find most annoying?
People who talk too much
Lazy people
Celebrities that complain
Waking up early

Question 9/10

What's your debate style?
Scream and shout until I get my way.
Listen attentively and then speak my peace.
Argue until someone wins.

Question 10/10

Who would you most like to sit down to dinner with?
Donald Trump
Oprah Winfrey
Tom Hanks
Ellen DeGeneres
None of these
Your next Facebook rant is going to be all about politics! Who can blame you, politics in America are kind of all over the place right now. You've got a lot of big opinions on what's going on and what should be done. Though you might alienate some followers, it's worth it to speak your peace and get your opinions out into the universe!


Your next Facebook rant is going to be about other people! Got cut off in traffic? Rant! Cut in line at the coffee shop? Rant! You feel as if people are generally more impatient and rude than they used to be. Rather than keeping your feelings bottled off, you're going to sound off on the best platform you have: Facebook!

Other People

Your next Facebook rant is going to be all about work! Feel like you're working overtime and for no money? Feeling a bit like you're doing more than your fair share without any accolades? If your work life feels like a 9 to 5 drag, it's time to get your feelings out onto the web! Go ahead, rant about your day, it might just help you in the long run!


Your next Facebook rant is going to be all about kids these days! You think that kids these days have bad taste in just about everything. From music and movies to clothing and food, you just want to sound off about how much better your generation was as teens and young adults. Go ahead, make a rant, someone will listen!

Kids These Days

Your next Facebook rant will be all about celebrities! Are you tired of celebrity culture and gossip? Are you sick of getting up dates on Brad Pitt's dating life or Kim Kardashian's baby? It's time to sound off on Facebook and let your feelings be known. Don't bottle it up, let it out. The world needs more honest people like you!