What Will You Be Proud Of When Your Old?

What will bring you the most pride when you look back on your life? Will you be proud of your choices or proud of your accomplishments? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10

Do you easily become stressed out or disheartened when things go wrong?
I can definitely feel overwhelmed by stress
When things don't go my way I can be hard on myself
I let myself feel bad for a bit and then get over it
I never let stress or disappointment get me down

Question 2/10

What does persistence, the pursuit of what you want to achieve, buy you?
Success and satisfaction
More work
A better quality of life
Anything you can imagine

Question 3/10

When others treat you badly, who do you blame?
Myself...I must've done something wrong
The other person
I look at it from the perspective of an outsider
I don't blame anyone

Question 4/10

How important is respect towards yourself and others?
It's the most important thing in life
It's important when it comes to relationships but not towards myself
It's somewhat important
It's not a big deal

Question 5/10

Do you tend to eat healthy wholesome foods?
I only eat healthy foods
I like to strike a balance between healthy and fun
I try to eat healthy but I don't always succeed
Let's not talk about my eating habits

Question 6/10

Socializing and trying new thing is....
A terrifying experience
Vital to a well lived life
The key to good stories
Intimidating but important

Question 7/10

When doing a favor for someone else, how often do you expect something in return?
It depends on the size of the favor
Never I do things out of the kindness of my heart

Question 8/10

What is your greatest fear in life?
Not meeting my goals

Question 9/10

How long is your bucket list?
It could be a book
It's several pages
It's fairly short
It's non-existent

Question 10/10

What the is the key to happiness?
Forming relationships
Dreaming big and often
Exploring your surroundings
Conquering fear
Loving openly
When you're old, you'll be proud of the optimistic and positive attitude you always carried through life. When life handed you lemons, you made lemonade. You never wasted a minute of your life feeling sorry for yourself or wallowing in pity, instead you always picked yourself up, dusted yourself off, and carried on cheerfully.

Your Attitude Towards Life

When you reach old age, you'll look back and be proud of all of your amazing accomplishments. In your youth, you set goals that some people saw as lofty. You always knew you'd accomplish everything you set out to do and you absolutely did. There's not a single thing on your bucket list that went unchecked.

Your Accomplishments

When you reach old age, you'll back with pride at your compassion for others. You were always a selfless empathetic person who did all that they could for those around them. You've always lent a helping hand without asking anything in return. Your compassion, love, and gentle nature have made you an asset to everyone around you.

Your Compassion For Others

In your old age, you'll be proud of how well you always treated your body. Not only did you always eat healthy, work out, and take care of yourself, but you did so because you wanted to and not because you were forced to. Your physical choices when you were young will lead to health and wellness in old age.

Your Physical Achievements

In your old age, you'll be proud of your failures and mistakes! Why would you be proud of your failures? Because failure means that you never stopped trying to do great things. You never let fear rule your life or hinder you from trying new things. If you failed, you tried, and that makes for a well lived life.

Your Failures And Mistakes