What Ugly 70s Car Matches Your Personality?

Back in the 1970's, cars weren't sleek and they certainly didn't come without their fair share of personality! Of all the ugly 70's cars, which one are you? Are you a Gremlin disguised as a person? Perhaps, you're more a pacer! Let's match one of these ugly cars to your personality today!

Question 1/10

What kind of people do you attract into your life?
Weird people.
Creative people.
Intellectual people.
Kind people.
Optimistic people.

Question 2/10

How do you approach a complex problem?
I break it into small parts.
I Google it.
I think outside the box.
I look at the big picture.
I call my Mom.

Question 3/10

Are you a procrastinator when it comes to chores?
Eh, I get around to stuff eventually.
I make a list and tick boxes one by one.
I just try to get things over with.
I do everything the second I need to.

Question 4/10

Where do you like to vacation?
The beach
National parks
The remote wilderness
Amusement parks

Question 5/10

Life can be full of fears. What is your biggest fear in life?
Large crowds
Not being able to retire
My trust fund running dry

Question 6/10

Which hobby sounds most appealing to you?
Candle making.
Soap making.
Dog training.

Question 7/10

How important in art in your life?
Very important
Somewhat important
Not important at all

Question 8/10

How would you describe the way you express your emotions?
I'm a cryer.
I get very dramatic.
I keep things to myself.
I lash out in anger.
I write down my thoughts.

Question 9/10

Are you more productive in the mornings or evenings?
I only really come alive at night!
I live for mornings.
I'm typically in bed by 8 PM.
I feel most like myself at night.
It depends on the day.

Question 10/10

Do you enjoy dining out alone?
It's a very freeing experience.
I'm very good company!
It makes me uncomfortable.
I don't dine out alone.
You're the AMC Pacer! A little bit outside the box and a tad nerdy. You embrace your inner geek and certainly aren't afraid to let your freak flag fly. Whether it's standing outside in the rain for the new Star Wars flick or playing D&D, you're a little out there and you like that way.

AMC Pacer

You're the Volkswagen Thing! Active and adventurous, you don't like to let life pass you by. While some are fine just staying in and listening to records or playing Atari, you want to adventure and see the world. Just like the Thing, you don't care what anyone thinks, so long as you're having fun.

Volkswagen Thing

You're the AMC Gremlin! A little bit nerdy but also very cool, you've learned to straddle the line between popularity and total geekdom. You don't take yourself too seriously and certainly don't care what others think. You are who you are and you couldn't be happier!

AMC Gremlin

You're the Chevrolet El Camino! Let's face it, you just live life by your own set of rules. Whether it's the way you dress or the your outspoken attitude, you often have people taking a second look. Much like this iconic 70's car, you're not afraid to boldly be yourself, even if others see you as a little weird!

Chevrolet El Camino

You're the Ford Pinto! Meek and shy, with just a little bit of hidden coolness. You're a total introvert who loves to stay in and just enjoy some TV or good music. You don't like being the center of attention and you never crave the spotlight. Though you're just about as cool as cool can be, you're often afraid to show that coolness to others!

Ford Pinto