What Type Of Spouse Are You?

You might think you're a certain type of spouse, but do you actually know what kind of spouse you are? Take these 10 questions and find out just what kind of spouse you truly are!

Question 1/10

A really healthy relationship is one in which.....
You and your partner get along 75% of the time
You and your partner agree on every decision unanimously
You and your partner have ups and downs
One partner makes all of the decisions

Question 2/10

What's the spark that keeps a marriage alive?
Being best friends
Staying attracted to each other
Knowing how to listen to one another
Trusting each other wholly

Question 3/10

Which of these scenarios raises the odds of big misunderstandings?
Chatting with your spouse while doing something else
Talking to your spouse in bed moments before falling asleep
Giving your spouse a midday call on your lunch break

Question 4/10

You think your partner should spend more time with the kids. How do you address the situation?
Take them aside and talk about it one on one
Avoid saying anything as to not cause tension
Spend more time with the kids yourself to try and drop the hint
Casually bring it up and see what happens

Question 5/10

Do you feel more satisfied when your spouse reacts to your positive or negative emotions?
Negative emotions
Positive emotions

Question 6/10

What does it mean to be an effective listener?
Don't allow any distractions into the conversation
Prepare yourself with responses beforehand
Repeat back what your partner has said so they know you're listening
Chime in with talking points on what they've said
Just be present and attentive

Question 7/10

For every critical statement you make to your spouse, how many positive ones do you make?

Question 8/10

Which of the following things do you and your partner do?
Talk before bed every night
Go on dates
Have deep conversations
Try new things together

Question 9/10

Sex aside, how do you and your partner engage in other forms of intimacy?
Pillow talk
Eating meals together
Sharing our fears or vulnerabilities
Exercising together

Question 10/10

How often do you believe a married couple should have sex?
Once a day
Three times a week
Once a week
Once a month
You’re a highly supportive spouse! When your partner is seeking to take on a new endeavor or try something new, you are their ultimate cheerleader. Not only do you help them to pursue and foster their passions, but you’ll do what you can to help them along their way. Not only are you supportive of dreams and goals, but you’re also supportive of your spouse emotionally.

Supportive Spouse

You’re the type of spouse that plans everything and gets things done! You like to plan activities, day trips, and fun nights out for you and your partner as often as possible. It’s never a dull moment being married to you. You’ve always got something up your sleeve to spice up an evening or weekend.

Get Things Done Spouse

You’re an emotional and sentimental spouse! Before you think of this as a negative trait, remember that marriages are built on trust, openness, and total vulnerability. The fact that you can always open up to your spouse, appreciate what they do for you, and show gratitude for the little things, means that you’ll never take your relationship for granted.

Emotional Spouse

You are a total provider spouse! You hustle to provide a great life for both you and your partner. You don’t mind doing a greater share of the work sometimes, so long as it means that your family is taken care of. While this can at times mean more work for you, there’s fulfillment in knowing that you are truly providing and enriching the lives of your family.

Provider Spouse

You are a free spirited spouse! You live life day by day and never take anything too seriously. The dishes aren’t washed? We’ll get to them the next day. Laundry piling up? No worries, it will get done. Your mellow attitude and ability to prioritize what’s really important make you a dream partner to be with.

Free Spirited Spouse