What Type Of People Are Attracted To You?

Question 1/10

What's your best quality?
My wit
My kindness
My humor
My body
My passion

Question 2/10

When talking to a member of the opposite sex, how do you stand?
With my arms crossed
With my hands on my hips
With my hands at my side
With my hands on my shoulder
It depends

Question 3/10

When out with a group of friends, you can always be found....
Leading the conversation
Listening intently
Cracking jokes
Offering sage interjections
Quietly fidgeting

Question 4/10

Pick a fun activity:
Watching TV
Belting karaoke
Going on a day hike
Baking a cake
Coffee at a trendy cafe
Court side seats

Question 5/10

How do you show attraction?
Through touch
Through words
Through gestures
Through gifts
Through insults

Question 6/10

How would you describe your style in a word?

Question 7/10

When you go out, do people tend to talk to you a lot?
Everyone tries to talk to me
I try to stick to myself
I'm the life of the party
People chat with me about weird topics
I tend to get in heated debates over politics and movies

Question 8/10

My hobbies include....
Going out as often as possible
Books, TV, video games....
Hiking, kayaking, anything outdoors...
Going to shows, museums, and art exhibits...
Biking, football, working out...

Question 9/10

Would you say your exes all have anything in common?
They were all into sports
They were all into art
They were all outdoorsy
They were all kind of crazy
They were all very high maintenance

Question 10/10

How would a friend describe you in a word?
You tend to attract creative and artistic people! Not only do you possess a great deal of creative intelligence, but you have a captivating allure that artistic types just can't seem to resist. You're quirky, stylish, and independent. In other words, you drive the artsy crowd wild!

Creative Types

You tend to attract drama lovers! Though you're not a big fan of drama yourself, your warm and nurturing personality tends to make others feel very comfortable around you. So comfortable, that they don't mind spilling their guts, confessing their sins, and involving you in a little bit of drama.

Drama Lovers

You tend to attract jocks and sports fanatics! With an athletic body, a great sense of adventure, and a knowledge of sports, you have to beat the sports fanatics off with a bat anytime you enter a bar or club.

Sports Fanatics

You tend to attract intellectuals and knowledge hounds! You're a highly intelligent individual who can captivate anyone with your wit and knowledge. With a knack for stirring deep conversation and thinking abstractly, intellectual types can't help but fall head over heels for you.


You tend to attract risk takers and adrenaline junkies! Something about you screams adventure! Whether it's your approach to everyday life, your love of travel, or the amount of points on your REI rewards card, those who love adventure and the great outdoors just can't seem to resist your charms!

Risk Takers

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We're all attracted to certain types of people, but the question is, what kind of people are attracted to you? Take this 10 question personality quiz and find out who's really attracted to you!