What Type of Ego Do You Have?

Everyone has an ego, but what kind of ego do you actually have? It's time to find out once and for all! Embark on this ego crazy quiz and find out exactly what kind of ego you really possess!

Question 1/10

You're attending a party where you only know one person. How do you feel?
Excited, time to meet some new friends!
Uneasy, this could go badly!
Anxious, I'm already a bit shy!
Totally confident, there's no reason for them not to like me!

Question 2/10

Your boss asks you to give a presentation at work. What's your reaction?
No way, I don't do public speaking!
Sure, I'll give it a try.
Absolutely, I'm going to slay!

Question 3/10

When you look at yourself in the mirror, you generally feel...
Amazing, I love who I am!
Content, I am who I am!
Dissatisfied, I could be better.
Indifferent, looks don't matter.

Question 4/10

How do you decide what to eat in a day?
Based on what's convenient.
Based on what's healthy.
Based on what's affordable.
Based on how I feel.

Question 5/10

How do you feel when someone pays you a compliment?
Entitled,I deserve it!
Grateful, they didn't have to tell me that!
Giddy and thrilled

Question 6/10

Do you consider yourself to be introverted?
I'm very introverted
I'm somewhat introverted
I'm not introverted at all

Question 7/10

How often do you work out?
A few days a week
Every couple of weeks
Every few months
I don't work out

Question 8/10

You need to run to the store for some milk. What are you wearing?
Sweat pants or yoga pants
Jeans and a t-shirt
Whatever is clean
A nice shirt and pants

Question 9/10

Do you need to be in a romantic relationship to feel good?

Question 10/10

How well do you take criticism?
Very well
Not well at all
Somewhat well
Based on this quiz, you have a spiritual ego! You are a very wise and spiritually minded person who leads a very rich inner life. You don't base your knowledge of yourself or your behaviors on others, but on what comes from within. You're at peace with who you are. While some are motivated by praise, reward, or pride, you're motivated by the need for contentment and happiness.

Spiritual Ego

Based on the results of this quiz, you have a mental ego! You tend to compare yourself to others based on your mental knowledge, status, and intellect. You have a great deal of intellectual pride and often seek to be the most intelligent and well spoken individual in a given room. You're a true seeker who is always looking to expand your worldview and accrue new skills.

Mental Ego

Based on the results of this quiz, you have a social ego! You tend to earn your pride through social interactions, often seeking to be very well liked and popular. You love to stand out, look good, and impress others with your wit, knowledge, taste, and style. Though this often makes you a lot of fun to be around, it can also lead to you comparing yourself to other people. Remember, you're awesome exactly as you are!

Social Ego

Based on the results of this quiz, you have a biological ego! You tend to compare yourself to others based on physical knowledge, behavior, and the status of those around you. You often take physical pride in yourself, focusing on your health and wellness. As a fitness buff, you love to look good, feel good, and push yourself to the limits. You gain value from being physically fit and presenting yourself in very specific way.

Biological Ego