What Trait Do Others Envy You For?

We're all envied for something, but what trait do others actually envy you for? It's time to find out once and for all! Take these 10 personality quiz questions and discover what your friend's envy most about you! The results might just shock you!

Question 1/10

Be honest, you're really great at....
Putting a smile on people's faces
Solving complex problems
Dressing for any occasion
Providing some comic relief
Dazzling conversation

Question 2/10

Who do you look up to the most?
My parents
My best friend
My significant other
My religious leaders
My grandparents

Question 3/10

When you get together with your friends, what are they most likely to ask you to bring?
My famous brownies
Any kind of food or side dish
A bottle of wine
Some fun party games
Just myself

Question 4/10

What type of games do you like the most?
Any kind of improv game
Board games
Video games
Sports or outdoor games

Question 5/10

If you have a spare hour in the evening, what do you like to spend it doing?
Working out
Catching up with friends
Learning something new
Posting on social media

Question 6/10

What attribute do you rely on the most?
My kindness
My logic
My strength
My ability to inspire
My sense of humor

Question 7/10

Are you more introverted or extroverted?
I'm more introverted
I'm more extroverted
It depends on the day

Question 8/10

What do you believe is your greatest weakness?
I'm a bit of a pushover
I'm too analytical
I'm a bit stubborn
I crack a lot of jokes
I'm hyper focused

Question 9/10

What do you do when you're feeling stressed?
I hit the gym
I call up some friends
I distract myself with a funny YouTube video
I push it under the rug
I take some time for myself

Question 10/10

What are you most likely to be complimented for at work?
Going the extra mile
Being very detail oriented
Keeping morale high
Solving complicated problems
Always being on time
Others envy you for your intelligence! Not only are you a quick learner who can figure out how to do things quickly and easily, but you seem to have a knowledge that is vast and boundless. You're an impressive problem solver who can quickly see patterns, solutions, and clues in even the most convoluted situations.

Your Intelligence

Others envy you for your ambition! While some might be afraid to go for their dreams, you have a boundless sense of ambition. You know what you want and you won't stop until you reach your goals. Sure, it won't always be easy, but you love a good challenge!

Your Ambition

Others envy you for your wit and sense of humor! You're one of those people who always knows exactly what to say to make others laugh. With a quick wit and a superior intelligence, you can make people laugh in just about any situation. You're charming, effervescent, and totally uninhibited. Go you!

Your Wit

Others envy you for your taste and sense of style! People are often in awe of your ability to put together the perfect outfit, set the perfect table, and decorate your house to look exactly like the inside of a magazine. You have great taste that seemingly has no limits! Whether it's music or movies, books or food, you always know the fashionable choice!

Your Taste

Others envy you for your confidence! While so many struggle to love themselves and who they are, you exude confidence in everything you do. You know exactly who you are and where you want to go in life. You don't let trends or fads dictate how you live your life. Instead you focus on what's right for you and how to accomplish the goals you've set out for yourself. You're truly one of a kind!

Your Confidence