What Should Your Next Car Be?

What car should you buy next? Do you need something that is practical, something that can help you speed around town, or do you just need something that is cheap, even though it may not be the best? Take this quiz to find out!

Question 1/10

Can you drive?
Yes, but I don't have a license yet

Question 2/10

Why do you want a car?
To get from place to place
I love fixing cars
I want to seem cool

Question 3/10

Your car breaks down. What do you do?
I fix it myself
I have a friend or family member fix it
I bring it into a shop to get fixed

Question 4/10

What would be your budget for your next car?
Less than $500
More than $5000

Question 5/10

Which is the best car event to watch?
Demolition derby
Monster trucks

Question 6/10

Who would be in your car most of the time?
Just me
Myself and some friends
Myself and my family

Question 7/10

Which kind of seat cover would you buy?
A solid color seat color
I would buy one with flamed or hardcore designs
I would get one with Disney characters on it

Question 8/10

You get pulled over. What did you do?
I was speeding
I got into an accident
I would never get pulled over

Question 9/10

What does the yellow light mean to you?
Slow down
Speed up

Question 10/10

A friend dares you to speed on an empty road. Do you do it?
Maybe, if I thought it was safe
Your next car should be a luxury car. Sure, having something to get you from place to place is nice, but having something that can get you from place to place in style is even better. Treat yourself and get a luxury car.

Luxury Car

Your next car should really be a truck. A car is small and cramped, but with a truck... well, that might be a pick small and cramped too, but you can put just about anything you want in the back. This is great for hauling whatever you want wherever you go.


Your next car should be a piece of junk. For one, it would be something cheap that can get you to where you need to go most of the time. Secondly, having a car to work on is a great project to have. You'll never be bored again if your next car is a junk car.

Junk Car

Your next car should be a minivan. This vechile can get you, and about five other people, wherever you need to go. Even when you are not driving around a bunch of people, you can still haul around many things in the bad seat. This is perfect for practicla people with large families or lots of friends.


Your next car should be a muscle car. These cars are great for showing off, they are fun to drive, and a person can learn many skills from trying to fix them. If you are a huge car lover, then this kind of car would be perfect to be your next car!

Muscle Car